Manager, Women's Residences

(Full-time during Semesters)

A fantastic opportunity exists for a suitably qualified and experienced person to manage Avondale College’s Women’s Residences.

Avondale College is a Seventh-day Adventist organisation. If you share the passion for the spiritual, physical, emotional and overall welfare of young adults and can align with our Christian-based principles, then we would love to hear from you.

This is a full-time position available during semesters for around 10 months of each year.

Applicants must have experience in working with young female adults, a caring attitude and excellent interpersonal skills. The ability to work flexible hours and reside near the College Campus will be necessary.

Reports to: Director of Student Life Services

Applications close 28 February 2017.

Applications, addressing the selection criteria, with contact details of at least three referees, should be e-mailed to or HR Officer, Avondale College, PO Box 19, Cooranbong NSW 2265, (02) 4980 2284.

For further information phone Jennifer Petrie on (02) 4980 2146.

Applicants will also have the right to work in Australia and hold a current NSW Police clearance check.

Avondale College is an equal opportunity employer and reserves the right to make a delayed appointment, not to appoint, or to appoint by invitation.

Position Purpose

To provide an environment in which the Christian home life of the students in residence at the College can be protected, fostered and strengthened.

Main Duties


  • To recommend to the Director, Student Life Services such new policy initiatives and/or changes to existing policies as to better serve the position’s functional objectives.
  • To monitor the effectiveness of policies and ensure their appropriate and consistent application.
  • To provide information and assistance to the Director, Student Life Services, to enable the evaluation of residential and campus life programs and policies in meeting the objectives of the College.


  • To provide relevant input and assistance to the Business Manager for the preparation of operating and capital budget submissions.
  • To manage the function within the approved budget allocations and report as required.
  • As far as is practicable, to monitor the movements of students to and from the campus, and in respect of any campus exclusion areas.
  • To prepare and supervise the student work program for the dormitories and for laundry personnel.
  • Where warranted, to correspond with parents/guardians regarding the spiritual, social, and personal life of the student.


  • To encourage the personal spiritual growth of each resident student.
  • To foster a healthy spiritual and social environment within the residence halls.
  • To encourage those habits which are conducive to personal good physiological and psychological health; to maintain a watch on the health of individual students and to provide health care where and when required.
  • To foster and maintain within the residence halls an attitude of Christian concern, individually and collectively, for the needs and rights of others, including the need for peace and privacy, and the care for personal and College property.
  • To encourage the personal development of each student, with reference to such qualities as honesty, self-discipline, conscientiousness, tidiness, cleanliness, and listening, reading and viewing habits.
  • To nurture the social development of students, assisting them to make quality friendships, and to actively participate in social functions both on and off the campus.
  • To refer students to counselling, in consultation with the Director, Student Life Services as appropriate, with respect to all aspects of student well-being.
  • To ensure students are informed of their obligations in respect of College requirements as published in College Guidelines and any other expectations of them; to counsel students who infringe the requirements or fail to meet expectations, referring serious offences to the Director, Student Life Services.
  • To ensure the maintenance, cleanliness and necessary repair of the residence/s within the job-holder’s responsibility.
  • To supervise the furnishing and general care of dormitory rooms and student common rooms.
  • To enforce security, safety and fire regulations, providing such information, training, and practice as necessary to fulfil College obligations.
  • To oversee the appointment of student assistants to be involved in discharging the supervisory responsibilities within the function.


  • To provide effective leadership to and management of subordinate staff within the policies of the College and sound Human Resource practices so as to achieve positive and productive relationships and dedicated work commitment.
  • To identify the existing and potential aptitudes, skills and capabilities of subordinate staff members and, as far as practicable, provide opportunities for their development and application.
  • To ensure the work health and safety of the employees supervised, and that of any other person on or about the physical area, and the safe working of any plant or equipment, under the job-holder’s control, including (but not limited to) ensuring that:
    • staff are correctly trained in safe working procedures and instructed in avoiding any hazardous aspects of the workplace;
    • applicable statutory requirements and/or codes of practice are observed;
    • safety management systems and plans are established, maintained and reviewed for on-going effectiveness;
  • To agree targets and/or other appropriate work performance objectives with subordinate staff; monitor, review and assess performance in accordance with accepted human resource practice and any established College system; provide advice, instruction and counselling as may be required; recommend recognition or support or such other action as may be appropriate.


To carry out such other duties or responsibilities as may be reasonably required within the incumbent’s knowledge, skill and ability.

This role is available during semesters. It will continue through the mid-semester breaks and for up to two-three weeks after each semester finishes. This will allow the Residential Manager time for completion of administration tasks such as processing room clearances, conducting maintenance/room/WHS checks of the rooms/building, dialoguing with the Events Co-ordinator in preparation for incoming conferences, catching up on general admin tasks and preparation time for the new semester.

The Residence Manager will resume duty three weeks before the commencement of Semester 1 and one week before the commencement of Semester 2 each year.

Selection Criteria


  • Be a practising member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the mission of the College.
  • Be willing to participate actively in the spiritual, cultural and recreational life of the campus.
  • Have excellent communication skills and a courteous manner.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work in a team and effectively interface with peers, supervisors, and other staff.
  • Demonstrate a high level of professionalism in corresponding with students.
  • Choose the most appropriate WHS criteria from the following:
  • Ensure that the work for which they are responsible is carried out in ways, which safeguard the OHS of staff or students in their charge and visitors, including contractors whom they engage. Promote a safe work place and identify unsafe practices.
  • Ability to implement equal opportunity and diversity policies and programs.
  • Supportive of the mission, values, and ethos of Avondale College.


  • Have a tertiary educational qualification in an appropriate area.
  • Have a background in youth related work.
  • Have formal training and experience in counselling.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Strengthens Avondale’s Adventist Christian ethos and lifestyle in the residences, creating an atmosphere where Adventist Christianity is attractive to students.
  • Affirms College expectations while showing genuine care for students.
  • Earns the respect of students.
  • Ensures an atmosphere with the residences conducive to academic, spiritual and social development.
  • Encourages the personal spiritual growth of students; and fosters their social and emotional development, ethical behaviour, and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Contributes effectively to the implementation of the residence worship program.
  • Contributes effectively to student health, welfare and pastoral care.
  • Enforces security, safety and fire regulations and provides information, training and practice to fulfil college obligations with respect to occupational health and safety.
  • Ensuring the maintenance and good repair of the residences.
  • Maintains positive working relationships with other staff.
  • Completes the performance appraisal process annually.
  • Participates in organisational life by attending all staff meetings and functions as requested by your supervisor.
  • Attend all professional development opportunities as requested by your supervisor.