Early Years

Early Years...

History and Anecdotes
1852 The original owner of the College estate was Patrick Campbell who was granted 1500 acres on the north bank of Dora Creek. He never developed or lived on it, he sold it to William Brett in 1852 for $1667.
1895 The first Adventist school at Cooranbong began on 5 May. It was essentially a land clearing operation with classes in rudimentary subjects in the evening held in the deserted Healey’s hotel.
1895 An official company was formed in Cooranbong, later becoming a church with 35 baptised members. They met in the dining room of the abandoned Healey’s hotel.
1895 Metcalfe Hare and his wife Maria and sons Milton and Robert were the first to settle on the Avondale estate - they lived in a tent.
1895 The first young ladies to attend the Avondale School, J. Mansell and L. Oliver, came for a short training session in book-selling at the end of this year.
1896 The successful bid for constructing Bethel Hall was for $910 and building by Fred Lamplough began on 1 October. Ellen White gave an address in which she advocated commencement of a junior school. This began within a few days and included the Gambrill, Hare and White children.
1897 C.B. Hughes, the first principal, earned $15 per week.
1897 The first school bell costing $30 was paid for by donations from the community collected by Sara McEnterfer. It was moved to a place above College Hall in 1899.
1897 The new church at the entry to the estate was dedicated on 17 October, with 300 present and Haskell preaching. It had been built in two months at a cost of about $2,750 and was dedicated debt free.
1897 The first South Pacific islanders to attend the school arrived.
1898 Rising time was 5:00 am and bed time was at 8:45 pm.
1898 Minnie Hawkins and Evelyn Gooding were the first trainee teachers.
1899 The Chapel building program was supervised by Fred Lamplough. He was paid $2 per day.
1904 Annual picnics for students and staff were introduced. All travelled by boat to Silverwater via Dora Creek.
1908 Electric light was available for night time use.
1911 Phone was first connected to College.
1926 First vacuum cleaner purchased.
Early Enrolments
1897 82 students
1898 104 students
1899 150 students
1900 140 students