School of Humanities & Creative Arts

Courses Offered

The School of Humanities & Creative Arts offers a diverse range of units such as film-making techniques, writing for media, environmental issues, poverty alleviation, drama, the modern global economy, the ancient world, contemporary popular music, classical music and many more.

The School of Humanities & Creative Arts offers the Bachelor of Arts degree, and in conjunction with other Schools and Faculties, the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business and the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching. This School also offers the Diploma of General Studies.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) is Australia's most popular degree. Avondale's BA is broad-based and includes the study of at least two disciplines. It aims to develop committed, well-prepared graduates who will function effectively in and contribute positively to the workplace, community, church and society. The degree aims to develop students' abilities in problem-recognition and problem-solving, research skills, analysis and synthesis, critical and reflective thinking upon society and the human condition in a framework of Christian values. It also provides a broad preparation for future employment in many fields and a sound basis for those wishing to pursue honours or postgraduate degrees.

Arts Courses

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School Facilities

Avondale Conservatorium

Avondale Conservatorium houses seven ensembles in two music halls and presents the annual Avondale Concert Series.

Media Centre

3t Media, the media production and training unit of Avondale, is located in the lower floor of the Library. The facility features the latest in fully digital audio and video studios with production equipment including TASCAM and Soundcraft digital mixers, Genelec, BOSE and Spirit monitors and a large range of microphones and processing equipment.

Our video edit suite includes a number of stations employing the latest software and digital cameras. Students are able to fully utilise and train in all aspects of production, and the centre employs a number of students to facilitate commercial projects for various clients and broadcasters.

From video and CD production, to radio and TV programming, 3t Media at Avondale provides complete media production facilities and training, all in a positive Christian environment.
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