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Nursing at Avondale offers you the opportunity to be a student in a course well recognised for its strong clinical focus. Avondale is linked with the Sydney Adventist Hospital (affectionately known as the San), which is one of the largest and most comprehensive private hospitals in Australia. It is situated on the North Shore of Sydney which allows a very close mix of lectures and practical elements of the course.

Students are given the opportunity to embrace a commitment to caring for a person as a whole integrated being, including the physical, mental, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions of the self.
Avondale's Christian environment aims to support each individual and to develop not only academic excellence but also high ethical standards, a broad focus on health and illness prevention, a humanitarian concern for all people, and a passion for providing competent and culturally sensitive care.

We offer you an educational experience where you have:
    • excellent clinical learning in association with the Sydney Adventist Hospital and a wide variety of other settings
    • opportunity to choose practice areas where you would like to develop your skills
    • small groups and personalised support and encouragement from lecturers to students
    • a unique campus environment integrating residential, theoretical and clinical experiences with excellent facilities for study and recreation
    • a caring Christian environment in which to learn.

Nursing Courses

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A Career with a Future.

The undergraduate nursing course has a Christian focus that will develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for nurse registration. Clinical experience is gained in a wide range of health care areas including one of Sydney's leading private hospitals, the San, giving an exceptional preparation for a nursing career.

The Bachelor of Nursing course aims to equip a student with the following skills:
    • Compassion and humanitarian concern for the whole person
    • Recognition of local, national and global health needs
    • High ethical standards
    • Critical thinking
    • Problem solving
    • Knowledge and clinical skills
    • Communication skills
    • Focusing on Health Promotion and illness prevention
    • Culturally sensitivity, safe competent care
    • Leadership.


Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities for the Registered Nurse are anticipated in all areas of the health care system ie: public, private and community sectors.

Opportunities for employment are varied and diverse and span work in local, national and international settings. Employment may be in areas such as:
    • medical, surgical or critical care areas
    • women and infants' health
    • education, administration and management
    • large international hospitals and communities
    • aged care and community health
    • perioperative areas
    • rural/remote areas
    • health orientated areas such as medical products services
    • paediatric and adolescent health.

Diversify Into A Speciality Area

As a registered nurse the opportunity is yours to diversify into other health areas and/or specialise your practice into an area of your choice.

Postgraduate studies in nursing are available at Avondale at Graduate Certificate and Masters levels. For more details on each of these courses click here



The BN course is accredited by TEQSA and the Nursing and Midwifery Board Australia.
The CRICOS registration number for the Bachelor of Nursing is 057311C.
The postgraduate courses are accredited by TEQSA .


On successful completion of the course, graduates are eligible to apply for nurse registration in Australia. Due to mutual recognition legislation, registration may also be gained in New Zealand. Students from other countries should ascertain the requirements for those countries in which they intend to register.

What Is Studied In The Bachelor Of Nursing Degree

The course includes study in numerous general and specialty nursing areas such as medical, surgical, maternal and child health, mental health and community aged care and nursing care. Related subject material from the physical, biological and behavioural sciences are integrated into the course to present a holistic perspective of nursing. See the Unit Synopses in the Avondale Handbook.

Other Information


Residential facilities are available at both campuses for reasonable rent thus avoiding the cost of living expenses in Sydney and the need for additional transport when living off campus. Fees for tuition are very reasonable and compare well to other institutions. See current fee sheet for further information, on tuition, residential and meal costs.

Additional Costs


Purchase of textbooks is at the students' discretion. The library holds a limited number of texts in each area.

Equipment and Uniform Requirements

Students will need to purchase a student nursing uniform and other optional equipment to complete the Bachelor of Nursing degree. The Faculty of Nursing and Health coordinates this during the semester with the approximate cost being $200.

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