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Course duration: Three years full-time (or part-time equivalent)
Study mode: On-campus

Location Lake Macquarie

It only takes one professional... to be an influential change in business.

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Avondale's Bachelor of Business (BBus) is designed to prepare you for a life in the business world, whether it be in accounting, human resource management, marketing, international development and entrepreneurship or a combination of these. In your degree, you will have the opportunity to learn the business essentials such as how to be an effective leader, market a product, budget and sell your ideas. You will also explore how the economy functions and what it entails to manage your own business. 

In a learning environment with personalised attention, you will be taught the skills needed to be creative and innovative in problem solving, systems design and people management, giving you a competitive advantage in the workplace. You will also be given the opportunity to undertake paid and unpaid internships throughout your degree, helping you to secure employment upon graduation. Whichever area of business you see yourself in, Avondale has a course structure to best suit your needs. 

Students have the option to take on Internship experiences as part of their Bachelor of Business program. An Internship unit can be utilised in either a minor or major field of study.

Career Opportunities

On completion of the degree, you can expect to easily take on entry-level positions in your desired industry. Business graduates leave with the skills for potential employment in the following areas: 


  • Accounts clerk 
  • Auditor 
  • CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) or CA (Chartered Accountant)—dependent on units selected 
  • Chief financial officer 

Human Resource Management 

  • Human resource manager 
  • Project manager 
  • Business owner 
  • Provide administrative skills to a range of organisations 


  • Product marketing manager 
  • Public relations officer 
  • Advertising executive 
  • Events manager 
  • Market researcher 
  • Advertising and creative concept producer 
  • Business and marketing executive

International Development and Entrepreneurship

  • Project management
  • Development and Relief Agency
  • Non Government Organisation Roles
  • Private Sector or Commercial Companies
  • Bi-lateral or Multi-lateral Agencies
  • Consultancy

Admission Criteria


ATAR of 60.00+ (or equivalent e.g. OP of 16 or less)


If your ATAR is below 60.00 (or equivalent), you may still be able to gain entry into this degree on a provisional basis. Previous work experience and educational qualifications will also be considered for each student upon application.


Overseas applicants will have their qualifications assessed by Avondale Admissions in line with the Admission Policy for Undergraduate Higher Education Courses found at  Overseas applicants are also required to satisfy Australian Government visa requirements


Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in English as per the Admission to Higher Education undergraduate course

Course Structure

Course duration: Three years full-time (or part-time equivalent)
Study mode: On-campus
Maximum time to complete: 8 years

The Bachelor of Business is composed of 24 units (144 credit points) of study over six semesters with a single major. If the option of two majors are studied the course normally takes seven semesters. All units are worth six credit points. The degree consists of Business core units, major and minor units, Christian Studies units, and Elective unit/s.

For a two major program, your second major field will absorb many of these elective units.  Elective units can be from any other undergraduate course.  If 4 'cohesive' units from another field in Business are studied, it could constitute a minor.  A unit of internship in this field can also be included as an elective.

Core Units

Year 1 Semester 1 & 2

  • BBUS12010 (Sem 1)
  • BBUS16020 (Sem 1)
  • BBUS12030 (Sem 1)
  • BBUS16040 (Sem 2)
  • BBUS14050 (Sem 2)
  • BBUS14060 (Sem 2)

 Year 2 Semester 1

  • BBUS22070

Year 3 Semester 1

  • BBUS24080

Christian Studies Units

  • CHST16110 (Year 1 Sem 1)
  • CHST26110 (Year 2 Sem 1)
  • BBUS36090 (Year 3 Sem 1)

Elective Units

  • 5 Electives

Accounting Major

  • ACCT16500 (Year 1 Sem 2)
  • ACCT26000 (Year 2 Sem 1)
  • ACCT22600 (Year 2 Sem1)
  • LAWS26000 (Year 2 Sem 2)
  • ACCT26600 (Year 2 Sem 2)
  • ACCT31600 (Year 3 Sem 2)
  • ACCT33400 (Year 3 Sem 2)
  • ACCT34200 (Year 3 Sem 2)

Human Resource Management Major

  • MNGT26100 (Year 1 Sem 2)
  • HRMT27000 (Year 2 Sem 1)
  • LAWS28000 (Year 2 Sem 2)
  • MNGT34500 (Year 2 Sem 2)
  • BBUS25400 (Year 3 Sem 1)
  • HRMT39000 (Year 3 Sem 1)
  • BBUS36400 (Year 3 Sem 2)
  • BBUS37400 (Year 3 Sem 2)

Marketing Major

  • MKTG28300 (Year 2 Sem 1)
  • MKTG28100 (Year 2 Sem 2)
  • MKTG26000 (Year 2 Sem 2)
  • BBUS25400 (Year 3 Sem 1)
  • MKTG38200 (Year 3 Sem 1)
  • MKTG36000 (Year 3 Sem 1)
  • BBUS36400 (Year 3 Sem 2)
  • BBUS37400 (Year 3 Sem 2)

International Development and Entrepreneurship Major

  • GEOH21100 (Year 1 Sem 2)
  • GEOH11100 (Year 2 Sem 1)
  • GEOH21110 (Year 2 Sem 1)
  • MKTG28100 (Year 2 Sem 2)
  • BBUS26500 (Year 2 Sem 2)
  • GEOH31100 (Year 3 Sem 1)
  • MNGT34500 (Year 3 Sem 2)
  • BBUS27000 (Year 3 Sem 2)

Practical Experience

Students have the option to take on Internship experiences as part of their Bachelor of Business program. An Internship unit can be utilised in either a minor or major field of study.


The Accounting major in the Bachelor of Business Course is accredited by CPA Australia and CA ANZ (Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand).

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