Faculty Team

Name Position
Peter Beamish Dean / Senior Lecturer
Garry Duncan Faculty Officer
Phil Fitzsimmons Assistant Dean (Research)

Name Position
Sylvia Beattie Secretary
Sue Blyde Professional Placement Officer
Chris Boddey
Bev Christian Senior Lecturer/Professional Experience Coordinator
Sallyanne Dehn Secretary
Phil Fitzsimmons Associate Professor
Sherry Hattingh Lecturer / Primary Education Course Convenor
Julie-Anne Heise Lecturer
Wendi Herman Lecturer / PDHPE Strand Convenor
Jason Hinze Lecturer / Secondary Education Course Convenor
Emily Kilgour Professional Placement Officer
Peter Kilgour Senior Lecturer / Research Centre Director
David Low Lecturer / Outdoor Recreation Strand Convenor
Sandra Ludlow Lecturer / Early Childhood Course Convenor
Andy Matthes Senior Lecturer
Wayne Miller Senior Lecturer / VET Coordinator
Darren Morton Senior Lecturer
Maria Northcote Associate Professor/ Course Convener: Masters of Education (Research)
Gail Ormsby Lecturer
Robyn Pearce Senior Lecturer / TAS Strand Convenor
Kevin Petrie Lecturer / Head of Discipline
Marion Shields Senior Lecturer