Avondale alumnus Dr Bruce Manners began his retirement adventure five years ago when asked to write a book about it. He hesitated but became convinced by the argument it would help him plan his retirement. Now he is retired and the book is published, here in three parts is what he has learned about putting the theory into practice.
It began with a suggestion from literature evangelists—a book for the over-50s. Avondale alumnus and author Dr Bruce Manners also wanted a writing project while he considered his plans for retirement. The result? The launch of Retirement Ready?.


Celebrate the rhythm of revival and the close of the Sabbath with Avondale Conservatorium’s The Promise and Avondale Jazz Ensemble at this gospel music-inspired showcase.
A workshop over breakfast with Drs Bruce Manners and Darren Morton to help you plan and create your best retirement.
Celebrate the close of the Sabbath with Avondale Conservatorium and Newcastle Grammar School performing Vivaldi’s Gloria as part of Wahroonga Seventh-day Adventist Church’s evensong concert series.
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