Publications by two Avondale alumni are not only providing stock for the young adult section of bookstores and libraries but also promoting creativity and literacy.
An honouree of the Avondale Alumni Association has led another team of students on a One Mission project — this time to build toilets in northern Brazil.
What had been a dead manuscript became a living, breathing love letter than changed my life. Like putting on 3D glasses, God's Spirit brought the Word to life in a way I had never imagined.


Eminent Seventh-day Adventist archeologist and academic Dr Lawrence Geraty will cover origins, archeology and Adventist higher education in this speaking tour of the...
Connect with former classmates, reflect on shared experiences and celebrate the heritage of Avondale College of Higher Education at Avondale Alumni Association’s annual Homecoming...
Celebrate the Christian tradition of hymn and song singing at the Institute of Worship’s Hymns and Songs of Praise with journalist and broadcaster Geraldine...
Last Updated:27th May 2014
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