Though attending Avondale was a “family expectation,” Narece Thapa saw her education as training for mission and adventure. Both came soon after Thapa, the recipient of a citation from the Class of 1986 at Homecoming this year, graduated with a Bachelor of Education (English). She volunteered in Nepal and the experience would change her life.
He’s preached from Papua New Guinea to India to Russia, but like the One about whom he speaks, Pr Justin Lawman began his adult life as a tradie. Lawman, the recipient of a citation from the Class of 1996 at Homecoming this year, worked as the foreperson of a construction crew building stormwater and sewerage systems on the Sunshine Coast. Then, encouraged by his church minister, Lawman presented a sermon that would change his life’s focus.


Find your inspiration at Avondale again. Register for Avondale Alumni’s Homecoming 2016. Honour years: 1946, 1956, 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996 and 2006.
“Jesus Hasn’t Come Yet.” Academic Dr Alden Thompson states the obvious in the first part of the title to this lecture but will then examine the difficult questions, “Why hasn’t Jesus come?” and, “What does this mean for Seventh-day Adventists?”
Celebrate the Christian tradition of hymn and song singing with the Institute of Worship and Avondale Conservatorium at Hymns and Songs of Praise.
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