Lake Macquarie

Located in the heart of campus, Avondale’s Lake Macquarie residences provide on-campus accommodation for students. Living on-campus means that you can enjoy the convenience of everything being just a few minutes’ walk from your room – classes, cafeteria, gym, sporting facilities and social gatherings.

Living on-campus provides a great social environment, giving you the opportunity to meet lots of new people and make friends from all over Australia and the world. It also provides you with a great study support network, as you are living with people who are going through the same experiences as you.

Undergraduate students between 17-24 years of age tend to live in Ella Boyd (female-only residence) and Watson Hall (male-only residence)

Ella Boyd Hall Residence

This female-only residence is single room occupancy, with the capacity to accommodate 162 residents. Ella Boyd features 24-hour secure building access.

Residents have shared common areas featuring TVs, lounges and study areas.

Watson Hall Residence

This male-only residence accommodates 158 residents in 92 single rooms and 66 twin rooms. Watson features 24-hour secure building access.

Social spaces in Watson include a pool table, weight room and a common room featuring pay TV and an arcade basketball game.

General Information

Residential Hall Package

Avondale provides an all-inclusive package that covers all accommodation and meals. The pricing is based on a daily rate for the standard semester period only (approximately 15 Weeks). The all-inclusive package provides 19 meals per week (three meals per day Monday to Friday and two meals on Saturday and Sunday).

Please note: Lake Macquarie residential students bringing a car onto campus MUST pay for the semester Parking each semester.

Students wishing to stay over mid-semester or year-end breaks will be charged an additional rate per night, which does not include meals. Please see the Mid Semester/Mid Year & Year End Accommodation section (below) for these dates and the FEES & CHARGES tab for the additional nightly rates.

Semester 1 2019
Sunday 24th February to Wednesday 12th June 2019 incl. (excl. published breaks) 100 days

First Meal of the Semester – Dinner Sunday 24th February
Last Meal before break – Dinner Thursday 18th April
Mid-Sem Break Friday 29th April – Saturday 27th Apr
First Meal after break– Dinner Monday 28th April
Last Meal of the Semester – Dinner Wednesday 12th June
Must Vacate by 10am Thursday 13th June

Semester 2 2018 Nursing Students
Sunday 28th Jul to Friday 15th November 2019 incl. (excl. published breaks) 102 days

First Meal of the Semester – Dinner Sunday 28th July
Last Meal before break - Dinner Friday 27th September
Mid-Sem Break Saturday 28th September to Sunday 6th October
First Meal after break – Dinner Monday 7th October (Monday is Labour Day)
Last Meal for the Semester- Dinner Friday 15th November
Must Vacate by 10am Sunday 17th November

Semester 2 2019 - Non Nursing Students
Sunday 4th August to Friday 15th November 2019 incl. (excl. published breaks)

First Meal for the Semester – Dinner Sunday 4th August
Last Meal before break - Dinner Friday 27th September
Mid-Sem Break Saturday 28th September to Sunday 6th October
First Meal after break – Dinner Monday 7th October (Monday is Labour Day)
Last Meal for the Semester- Dinner Friday 15th November
Must Vacate by 10am Sunday 17th November

Conditions of Occupancy

These conditions of occupancy may be amended at any point in time by Avondale College. Please click on the link for the most recent version of the Conditions of Occupancy.

Check in Dates and Times

Accommodation for residential students is not available until the advertised check in times listed below:
2019 - Semester 1
Sunday 24th February 10.00am to 5.00pm

2019 - Semester 2 Bachelor of Nursing
Sunday 28th July Time to be advised

2019 - Semester 2
Sunday 4th August Time to be advised

Mid Semester/Mid Year & Year End Accommodation

Students wishing to stay on campus outside the standard periods of operation are required to book and pay for the additional nights (excl.meals) with their respective Residential Manager. Please see below the published dates for where additional FEES & CHARGES will be incurred:

2019 Dates
Mid-Semester Charges
Semester 1 – From Friday 19th April to Saturday 27th April inclusive
Semester 2 – From Saturday 28th September to Sunday 6th October inclusive

Mid-Year Break & End of Year Charges
From Thursday 13th June to Saturday 4th August inclusive
From Sunday 8th December

After End of Semester to Grad
From Saturday 16th November to Saturday 7th December inclusive
If graduating, accommodation/meals is free from Thursday 5th December to Saturday 7th December inclusive

Residence Hall Facilities


All bedrooms are fully furnished, each room containing a bed (or two if you are sharing a room), desk(s), bookshelf, cupboards, drawers, shelves and a chair(s). All rooms have blinds, however curtains and drapes are not provided. Curtain rods are available in the ladies residences should you wish to supply your own window coverings. Linen and pillows can be provided at a cost.

Additional furniture can be added to each room, such as a bar-sized refrigerator, television, lounge chair, coffee table and extra shelving. When adding furniture, please keep in mind the size of your room and the need for clear door access at all times.

Depending on demand, you may be asked to share a room. However, you are likely to receive your preferred bedroom configuration.


Shared bathrooms and toilets are located close to bedrooms in all residences.

Common Rooms

Common rooms are located on each floor and provide you with somewhere to relax and watch television and DVDs. Some televisions are connected to Foxtel.

Computer Rooms

All residence halls contain a computer room for residents to use, free of charge.

Guest Rooms

A number of guest rooms are available in all residences for parents and friends of students. Rooms will require to be booked through


Kitchenettes are provided in all residence halls. These contain a refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, kettle and basic plates and utensils. To ensure availability, it is recommended that you provide your own plates and utensils.

Laundry Needs

Washing machines, dryers, clothes lines and drying rooms are available in each residence. Washing machine use is free, however it will cost you $2 per use of the dryer. All machines are top-loaders and top-loader washing powder is recommended for all machines.

Irons and ironing boards are available in the hallways of the residences. Due to demand, it is recommended that you provide your own iron.

Mail Boxes

Mail boxes for incoming mail are situated in each residence. Further information about postal services on-campus and in the local area can be found here.


There is limited space for storage. Small items should be packed in cartons and sealed and all items stored must be labeled with your name and the date the article was stored. Storage for large items is dependent on space available. Unclaimed items that have been stored for more than 12 months will be deemed as unwanted and disposed of.

During each semester break, all personal items will need to be stored. For your convenience, storage facilities exist within each residence hall.


A public telephone is available in the breezeway of the White Building. Lines are available for incoming calls as follows (during semester only):

Residence Telephone Number
Ella Boyd +61 2 4980 2260
Watson Hall +61 2 4980 2280

Meals and Food

Avondale provides fully catered meals for its students. Find out more about meals and food on campus.

Support Staff

Your welfare is very important to us, so we have a residence support team available 24/7 to help you with any needs you may have during your time living in the residence halls.

Ella Boyd and Watson Hall Residence Managers

The Head Residents are full-time Avondale staff who are responsible for managing the residences and ensuring the safety and well being of you and your belongings.

Residence Assistants (RAs)

RAs are third or fourth year student leaders who are responsible for helping the Directors with dorm-running duties.
There are seven ladies and seven men’s Residence Assistants.

There is always either a Security staff member, Residence Manager and an RA on duty at all times, so there is always someone around to help if needed.

Fees & Charges

Residence Hall Fees 2019

Daily Rate $47.70
Fees Semester 1 Semester 2
All-inclusive package $4,770* $4,865.40*
Bond** $650

*Pricing is calculate using per day amount for the days of standard operation in line with the Academic Office published semester dates. These exact dates are outlined in the General Information section above. Students wishing to stay outside the standard dates or over mid-semester and year-end breaks will be charged an additional rate per night, which does not include meals.
**Students moving into the residences are required to pay a bond before move in. The bond is refunded upon permanently vacating the residence, subject to the room being left in good condition and that there are no outstanding balances on the student account.

2019 Accommodation Charges for Mid Semester/Mid Year and Year End Periods

Mid-Semester Charges - $TBC per night (excl. meals)
Mid-Year Break & End of Year Charges - $TBC per week or part thereof (excl. meals)
After End of Semester to Grad - $TBC per night (excl. meals)
Early Arrival - $TBC per night (excl. meals)

Late Payment Charges

Late payment charges may be applied to the accounts of Avondale College of Higher Education (Avondale) students who do not pay their Residence Hall fees by the due date. For more information please refer to the financial policies Student Late Payment Charge.

Penalties/Fines & Charges

Room Lockout $10
Work Health Safety (WHS) infringement $10
Noise curfew breached $15
Cleaning fee per hour $20
Occupying room other than allocated $25
Overnight Guest Breach $50
Mattress Protector Replacement $50
Forum Fine $75
Covering smoke detector $100
Mattress Replacement $300
Fire Service Call Out Fee - $ Charged at full invoice cost of the call out
Discipline Fine - $ Dependent on type of infringement

Avondale reserves the right to change the above fees and charges.

How to Apply

Apply for the Residential Halls

Please click here submit your Residential Application for 2019.

I have applied what happens now?

  • Once approved the Residential Manager will send out the acceptance letter with important information
  • Prior to the commencement of the semester Student Finance will email out Residential invoices to Avondale Student email addresses for payment.
  • Applications will remain active for the duration of the course and subsequently will be invoiced each semester unless the vacate process has been followed. This can be found under the How to Vacate tab.

Apply for Additional Accommodation Outside of Standard Semester Periods

Students wishing to remain in the Residential Halls outside the standard published dates will need to complete the Additional Accommodation form and receive approval from the Residence Manager before being charged based on the published night rates under FEES & CHARGES tab for the additional nightly rates.

What to Bring

What you will need to bring

  • Bed linen, blankets, doonas and pillows
  • Laundry detergent (top-loader), pegs & laundry basket
  • Towels, soaps and toiletries
  • Coat hangers
  • Personal effects

What you may choose to bring

  • Bar-sized refrigerator for your bedroom (Approval must be sort from Residence Manager before bringing to college)
  • Computer
  • Cooking utensils, pots/pans, crockery, cutlery, tea towels and washing up detergent (optional)
  • Desk lamp
  • Fan
  • Iron
  • Clothes rack
  • Network (ethernet) cable for computer network connection and internet access
  • Stereo (with headphones)
  • Television

How to Vacate

How to Vacate

When you wish to permanently vacate the residence halls you MUST follow the vacate process to ensure that your residential hall charges are paid and any refunds (including bond) are processed back to you.

Submit your completed Notice to Vacate form to the Residence Manager

  • Click here for the Notification to Vacate form as soon as you know when you will be vacating.
  • This will trigger the vacate process
  • Your room must be left in the same condition as it was in at the beginning of your tenancy otherwise additional charges may apply.
  • Once the room check has been conducted the Residence Hall Manager will complete the clearance
  • Student Finance will be notified of any charges to be invoiced to your General Account
  • Any charges will be invoiced before the bond is credited back to your General account
  • Transfers will be processed back to your bank account the following Wednesday once the Residence Manager has completed the clearance.