Avondale Basketball Association Application

Risk Warning and Insurance Waiver

Fee Information

The fees are the same for each division of competition.

Full fees

Avondale College Students Non-Students
$90.00 $90.00
(Includes competition & insurance fees)

You should be aware that there are risks of injury associated with playing basketball, as there are with most sports. Risks arise in the context of the activities of running, catching, throwing, shooting and guarding opposing players. While we aim to minimise risks, it is not possible to eliminate them all.


  1. All players participating in the Avondale sports competitions must be registered and pay the appropriate fee per sport to cover player injury insurance cover.
  2. Avondale College has arranged this insurance program to provide benefits to those registered members who through injury or accident, incur financial loss and who would otherwise not have received assistance. Federal Government legislation prevents insurance companies from paying any insurance benefit for a medical service that is covered by Medicare (including the Medicare gap).
  3. In addition to this cover all members are encouraged to take out Private Health and income protection Insurance or additional insurance cover over and above the benefits defined in the scheme.
  4. All participants involved in the sporting activities will be provided with insurance cover which only applies while they are involved in the activities associated with the registered sport.


I hereby acknowledge that:
  1. As a member of the Avondale Basketball Association (ABA) I agree to act in accordance with their constitutions and by-laws as applicable;
  2. As a general condition of entry into the Avondale Auditorium I am required to abide by any codes of conduct that have been issued, published or displayed; and
  3. When I participate in any event conducted by the ABA I will be bound by their tribunal by-laws
  4. I also understand that all players must be registered before they can commence participating, using the appropriate forms and paying the appropriate fee each semester.

Privacy Statement

The ABA collects your personal information to assist in providing products and services. If you do not provide this information we will not be able to register you.

I declare that I have read the ABA rules and I am also aware of the risks involved with my participation in this competition.