On-Campus Accommodation Fees

Residence Halls - Lake Macquarie

Avondale provides an all-inclusive package that covers all accommodation, meals and basic internet access (download limits apply). The all-inclusive package provides 19 meals per week (three meals per day Monday to Friday and two meals on Saturday and Sunday).

Fees Per Semester Per Year
All-inclusive package $4,484* $8,968*

*Pricing is for the semester period only. Students wishing to stay over mid-semester or year-end breaks will be charged an additional rate per night, which does not include meals.

At the beginning of each semester, students in the residence halls pay a room bond of $500. Room bonds are credited in full when you leave the residence halls, unless damages to the room occur which are deemed to fall outside the realm of normal wear and tear.

Rooms are only allocated upon receipt of a signed application and payment of the room bond.

*Avondale reserves the right to change the above clause and fees.

Application for Residence