Residence Hall Policies


Every resident is expected to observe the regulations and expectations as outlined in the Avondale Handbook and Conditions of Occupancy Agreement. Behaviour and activities which are contrary to these documents may result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Code of Discipline.

General Courtesies

Residents are expected to respect the privacy of others, avoid making a disturbance which would prevent others from studying or sleeping, and maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene at all times.

A room deposit (bond) is charged to each student at the commencement of each residential stay. The following areas will influence the level of reimbursement at the time of residence departure:

Bicycles must be stored in allocated areas. They must not be left in hallways or chained in stairwells, and may not be ridden in the residence halls. Bicycles are stored at the student's own risk. It is recommended that they be securely locked at all times.

Rooms are to be kept clean and orderly. Occasional room inspections may be made throughout the residence halls.

Decorations and Posters
Residents are welcome to decorate their rooms, however no decoration is to be screwed or nailed to walls. Only the use of blu-tac is permitted.

Furniture (Bedroom and Lounge)
Each resident is responsible for the condition of the room and will be charged for wilful damage. Furniture and mattresses are not to be removed or exchanged between rooms, nor any alteration to be made to furnishings without permission of a Residence Director. Window fittings must not be removed and door locks and electrical fittings must not be interfered with.

Lounge furniture and sofa cushions, plants, etc, must not be removed from communal lounge rooms.

Each resident is issued with a personal room key. Should the key be lost, a replacement key will be issued, at a cost to the resident, after the door lock has been changed. All key losses should be reported to a Residence Director. A fee will also be charged if the room key is not returned on the day of Avondale departure.

Energy Efficient Refrigerators up to 137 litres in size and approved by a Residence Director may be installed in residence rooms. Floor trays must present in Ella Boyd Hall to protect carpet.

All maintenance needs should be reported promptly to a Residence Director.

Room Clearances
All student rooms will be inspected by a Residence Director prior to students leaving at end of semester. Any students who fail to leave their room clean and tidy, or who have caused damaged to the room, will be charged appropriate costs.

When a student's room is required for accommodation for short courses during mid-year vacation, assistance will be given to secure storage of valuable items in the student's absence.

Student Wellbeing

Fire Code
Fire drills will be conducted each semester as part of the fire education program. When an alarm sounds, residents are to follow appropriate procedures as quickly as possible. The misuse of fire extinguishers, fire alarms or other fire protection equipment will result in disciplinary action and may incur fines as set by the fire authorities. Stairs and hallways must be kept free from obstruction at all times and fire doors kept closed.

Due to the sensitive nature of fire alarms, toasters, candles and incense must not be used in the residence halls. Any student activating a fire alarm by careless use of any equipment or appliance will be fined.

Students wishing to have guests in their rooms overnight may do so, subject to the approval of a Residence Director. Guests are able to stay two nights per month without charge during the academic year, and are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of Avondale. Day students do not qualify for this guest status and need to leave the halls by 10.00PM, unless special arrangements have been made with a Residence Director.

Men and women are not permitted beyond the foyer and reception areas of the opposite halls of residence without permission of a Residence Hall Director.

Hall Security
Security within all residence halls is a priority to Avondale. Students need to protect their personal belongings, the buildings and its facilities. Residential students are responsible for keeping their rooms locked in order to protect their personal belongings. Personal access cards act as entry cards to the residence halls via the Security Lock System. Students are requested to maintain control of their access cards at all times, and report their loss immediately to the Residence Directors and then to Student Services. Any failure to report the loss jeopardises residence hall security. Lost access cards will incur a replacement cost. All students are requested not to lend or borrow other student’s cards/keys.

Any injury or illness should be reported to a Residence Director. If a serious illness or injury occurs that requires a student to be continually monitored, the student may be asked to return home or be admitted to hospital so that sufficient care can be provided.

The insuring of contents (private belongings) is up to the individual resident's responsibility. Insurance may be arranged as an 'add on' to parents' home contents policy by arrangement with the insurers.

Health insurance is also recommended, so that you are covered for doctor visits, ambulance emergencies, etc.

Leave Arrangements
Students under the age of 18 who make plans to return to the residence halls after listed times, or leave for the weekend, need to notify a Residence Director or Resident Assistant. Please see Under 18 policy for further information.

Room Changes
If a room change is considered necessary during the academic year, a Residence Director must be notified. When changing rooms, it is imperative that a room clearance be obtained.