Combined Programs


We can run multiple activity programs combining activies such as rock-climbing, abseiling, bushwalking, and sea-kayaking. We also have a vertical ropes course and a flying fox available for use. We provide guides for the activities and transport connections between them.

These programs are particularly suited to school camps as a large group of students can be split between multiple activities at any given time.


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sample school program

A school might show up at Avondale College of Higher Education on Monday morning, and by lunchtime be separated into groups with some distributed to nearby Dora Creek for sea-kayaking, others to the Watagans Mountains for abseiling, and others doing a bushwalk from the College up into the Watagans. Groups can camp in the Watagans if they end there or at Wangi Tourist Park on Lake Macquarie if they have been sea-kayaking. The next day the abseiling group might bushwalk down to the College in the morning and be driven to the sea-kayaking for the afternoon, while the sea-kayaking group might begin abseiling - and so on. We have run four- and five-day programs of this style.

For more information on each activity, visit these pages:
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