One last move. Where's the hold? You know it's up there somewhere. You search around with one hand while you cling to the cliff with the other - got it! You do the final move. You've done the climb.

Avondale Outdoors offers rock-climbing expeditions in the Watagans Mountains, which has a variety of climbs for all skill levels. We can guide top-rope climbing, in which a rope is attached to an anchor such as a tree at the top of the climb (suitable for beginners), and sport and trad climbing, where the climber carries the rope up and attaches it to glued-in bolts or to traditional rock-climbing gear such as nuts and cams. We also run rock-climbing trips to Barrenjoey Heads.

We can also run indoor rock-climbing on the rock-climbing gym at Avondale College.

See below for a sample rock-climbing program.

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what to bring

Important note: this list is just a general overview - check the specific program information provided to you for any extra requirements for your program.

For a one-day expedition, you will need the following items:
  • A hat
  • Sturdy clothing
  • Rainjacket
  • 1L water minimum, 2L advised - rock-climbing can be hard work!
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Close-toed shoes - not sandals or thongs
  • Rockclimbing shoes if you have them
  • Food
For multiple day trips, you may also need a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, a torch and eating utensils.

sample program


A one-day rockclimbing program in the Watagan Mountains might begin with the group being driven up to Gap Creek camp site, where the instructor gives a safety brief and then distributes the climbing gear. The group then walks up to the cliff face where participants spend the day trying their skill against the rock.

Instructors carry first-aid kits, communication equipment, vertical rescue equipment, and the gear required to set up the climbs.

Click on the thumbnail above for a map showing where the rockclimbing site is in relation to Freeman's Drive and the Sydney Newcastle Freeway.
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