Whitewater Kayaking


We can run whitewater kayaking expeditions on rivers with rapids up to grade 2 difficulty, the nearest of which is the Barrington River near Gloucester. A grade 2 rapid involves some rough water, and maybe some rocks and small drops.

We provide all the paddling gear including whitewater kayaks, paddles, PFDs (lifevests), and spray decks.

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what to bring

Important note: this list is just a general overview - check the specific program information provided to you for any extra requirements for your program.

Remember that whitewater can be very cold, so plan accordingly.

For a one-day expedition, you will need these items:
  • Swimmers - do not bring cotton clothing, including socks, shirts, shorts and pants. Cotton traps sweat, dries slowly when wet and saps body heat. Even cotton socks can turn a fun day of paddling into a frozen-footed nightmare. Wool and cotton/synthetic blends such as sports shirts are suitable
  • Wetsuit - desirable if the weather is cold
  • Close-toed shoes suitable for swimming - you must wear shoes in the river
  • 1L of water - more if the weather is hot
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Dry clothing for afterwards
  • Food, suitably waterproofed

For longer trips, you will also need a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, a torch, and eating utensils.
Last Updated:31st October 2008
Updated By: Michael Bertolacci