Avondale College Seventh-day Adventist Church

Avondale College Seventh-day Adventist Church, opened in 1986 and seating 850, is a multi-purpose venue that provides a large performance space for concerts, oratorios and worship services. Its reverberation time and significant acoustic diffusion enhance choral and acoustic instrumental ensembles. The venue hosts the annual Homecoming and graduation concerts and has hosted the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Australian contemporary vocal quartet The Idea of North and the multi-award-winning Yorkshire Building Society Band directed by Avondale College of Higher Education alumnus Professor David King.


Music Hall

Music Hall, opened in 1925, is the first building built of brick on Avondale College of Higher Education’s Lake Macquarie campus.
It contains the administrative offices of the Conservatorium, and an additional four practice rooms and a recital hall.


Greer Hall

Greer Hall is a workhorse of the Conservatorium, containing a dedicated piano studio, a MIDI-keyboard-equipped harmony/composition/history classroom, and an expansive band room, which plays host to rehearsals for many of the Conservatorium's ensemble groups.


Ella Hughes Chapel

The Ella Hughes Chapel provides the Conservatorium with a mid-sized venue for recitals and concerts. Built as Ladies Chapel in 1979, it was renamed in 2015 in honour of Ella (Evans) Hughes (1864-1962), a pioneer of wholistic education.


Voice Box

The Voice Box is a space primarily dedicated to vocal tuition and practice. It is also utilised by small ensembles, and is open to the general student population by request.


Brandstater Amphitheatre

The Brandstater Amphitheatre, opened in 2010 and designed by architect David Stafford, connects the Chan Shun Auditorium with College Hall on an axis running through the middle of Avondale College of Higher Education’s Lake Macquarie campus. It provides a performance space for recitals and concerts.