General Admission Requirements

Applications from all prospective students are welcome and no test of religion, politics, race or sex is applied to determine admission as a student, graduation or the enjoyment of any benefit, advantage or privilege or the institution. Admission to Avondale College of Higher Education is dependent on demonstrated evidence of good character, intellectual competence, and a willingness to conform to College regulations. Several pathways are available to admission but the onus is on the student to demonstrate his/her capacity to succeed in tertiary education. The College will accept various forms of documentary evidence to support this claim.

Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements Listing

Prospective students who wish to appeal against a determination made with respect to admission to Avondale College of Higher Education are referred to the Student Grievance and Appeals Policy (see Academic Grievances/Prospective Student Section) and the Review Procedures Policy both of which are located on the Avondale College website.