Nursing Prerequisites

Nursing Prerequisites and Requirements

In addition to the Avondale College General Admission Requirements, the nursing course has specific entry requirements as indicated:
  • HSC (or equivalent) Chemistry and/or Biology is recommended
  • Senior first aid certificate from an accredited course. You will need to complete a Senior First Aid Certificate (or equivalent qualification) by a recognised training body prior to the commencement of a clinical placement.


Applicants for the Bachelor of Nursing whose first language is not English will normally be required to provide documentary evidence at the time the application is lodged of a satisfactory pass in the standardised Academic IELTS test with a score of 6.5 or better, with no individual band score less than 6.5 and dated within 2 years of the expected commencement of the degree. Exemptions to this requirement will normally be granted to Permanent Residents/Australian citizens who have completed all their secondary schooling in Australia and completed the Higher School Certificate or equivalent.

National Police Check

All students must undertake a National Police Check which can be completed online at and should be undertaken at the commencement of the course as per NSW legislation. An unsatisfactory criminal clearance may result in a student being unable to complete clinical requirements and hence he/she may be unable to continue in the BN program. The criminal records check will be carried out at a cost of around $55-60, which the student is required to pay.

NSW Health Department vaccination guidelines

Students are required to adhere to the NSW Health Department vaccination guidelines in order to access clinical practice areas. This may require vaccination for various diseases as required by the Health Department and there may be a cost associated which will become the student's responsibility. The cost will depend on the previous exposure to diseases and the vaccinations required as a result of this. Further detail is available from the NSW Health Department, the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia or the Faculty of Nursing and Health. A Vaccination Record is required by all students. This must be submitted prior to engaging in clinical practice. For a "Vaccination Record Card for Health Care Workers/Students" and a "Vaccination Requirements" information sheet, please call Admissions on 1800 991 392 for it to be mailed to you.

Inherent Requirements

All students are required to adhere to inherent requirements for the undergraduate nursing program. The School of Nursing at Avondale College of Higher Education strongly supports the rights of all people who wish to pursue a nursing course to achieve their potential and career objectives. The School is committed to making reasonable adjustments to teaching and learning, assessment, clinical practice and other activities to address the impact of students’ disabilities so that they are able to participate in their course.

To support potential and current students’ decision inherent requirement statements have been developed for nursing courses. These statements specify the course requirements of the undergraduate nursing course for student admission and progression. The statements are clustered under eight domains consisting of ethical behaviour, behavioural stability, legal, communication, cognition, sensory abilities, strength and mobility and sustainable performance. Many of the activities associated with the professional practice of a registered nurse are time sensitive, where the capacity to perform certain activities within specified time limits is required to reduce or avoid risks to patient safety and wellbeing. The safety and wellbeing of you and others is always of paramount importance.

Students are required to undertake placement activities in mixed gender environments which reflect the Australian health care context. Successfully completing the course enables you to apply for registration as a registered nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA), which is a partner board of the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority (AHPRA).

The inherent requirements outlined below provide a guide for students and staff when deciding whether you are able to meet these requirements and the type of reasonable adjustments that could be put in place to allow you to complete the course without compromising the academic integrity of the course.

How to read the inherent requirement statements
If you are intending to enrol in the undergraduate nursing course at the School of Nursing, you should look at these Inherent requirement statements and think about whether you may experience challenges in meeting these requirements. If you think you may experience challenges related to your disability, chronic health condition or any other reason, you should discuss your concerns with the campus Disability Advisor or the school staff, such as the Course Convenor. These staff can work collaboratively with you to determine reasonable adjustments to assist you to meet the inherent requirements. In the case where it is determined that Inherent Requirements cannot be met with reasonable adjustments, Avondale staff can provide guidance regarding other study options.

These inherent requirements should be read in conjunction with other course information and NMBA publications such as Guidelines for Mandatory Notifications, A Nurse’s Guide to Professional Boundaries and National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse.

Each inherent requirement is made up of the following five levels:
Level 1 - introduction to the inherent requirement
Level 2 - description of what the inherent requirement is
Level 3 - explanation of why this is an inherent requirement of the course
Level 4 - the nature of any adjustments that may be made to allow you to meet the requirement
Level 5 - examples of things you must be able to do to show you’ve met the requirement

Inherent requirement domains
There are eight domains of inherent requirements in each of the undergraduate nursing courses. Some domains have a number of sub-domains.
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Behavioural stability
  • Legal
  • Communication
  • Cognition
  • Sensory ability
  • Strength and mobility
  • Sustainable performance

These statements have been developed by the University of Western Sydney and are used by Avondale College of Higher Education with permission. To access the Inherent Requirements for the Bachelor of Nursing course click here

International Students

Applicants from other countries will have their qualifications assessed by the International Admissions Officer and Registrar.