Self Disclosure and Criminal Records Check Consent

Students who apply for a course which prepares them for a profession involving the teaching or care of children, the ill, or other people in a vulnerable position, need to be aware that government policy and legislation require that prospective employers, accreditation and registration bodies, and agencies providing clinical placements, internships or fieldwork during the course may exercise their right to require the student to sign a self-disclosure form and/or undergo a criminal records check before offering employment; agreeing to host a placement; or registering the student to practise (as the case may be).

Employers and agencies which already require such self-disclosure forms or criminal records checks include the NSW Department of School Education, the NSW Department of Health, the NSW Nurses’ Registration Board, the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Sydney Adventist Hospital. Other agencies can be expected to adopt similar requirements.

If the course selected has a fieldwork, practicum or internship component, and the relevant agency or agencies decline(s) to permit a student to undertake this aspect of his/her studies, then he/she may not be able to complete the requirements of the course. The College will do all that is reasonable to arrange an alternative location for the student to undertake this compulsory component. However, the College cannot guarantee that such an option will be available. Students should therefore note that in such circumstances they may not be able to graduate with the anticipated award.

Students should note that in order to run the criminal records check, an employer body or other agency may require the College to provide it with personal information including name, date and place of birth, citizenship status and current address