Admission Requirements

Admission to Undergraduate Degree Courses

Admission to Undergraduate Courses Policy [A.02]
Verification of Credentials and Qualifications Policy [A.17]

Additional Requirements

Specific pre-requisites

Some courses have specific pre-requisites and these are identified with the information about that particular course later in this Handbook.

For applicants for Commonwealth-supported places in teaching and nursing

Offers of places to eligible students are made in order of academic merit (based on UAI/ATAR score in NSW or its equivalent score in other States or other entry qualifications as assessed by the Academic Registrar).

For courses involving contact with vulnerable people

Applicants for courses offered by the Faculty of Nursing and Health, School of Ministry and Theology and School of Education and any other courses that include contact with children, young people, the ill, or other classes of vulnerable people are required to sign a self-disclosure form (Prohibited Persons Declaration) and consent to a criminal record check. These checks may be required by organisations providing professional experience placements, fieldwork, clinical placements, work experience or professional internship placements. Applicants should note that in order to run the criminal records check, an employer body or other agency may require Avondale to provide it with personal information including name, date and place of birth, citizenship status and current address.

For courses including fieldwork

Some courses require professional experience placements, fieldwork, clinical components, work experience or professional internship placements. If organisations/agencies providing such placements decline for any reason to permit a student to undertake this aspect of his/her studies, then he/she may not be able to complete the requirements of the course. Avondale will do all that is reasonable to arrange an alternative location for the student to undertake such compulsory components. However, Avondale cannot guarantee that such an option will be available. Students should therefore note that, in such circumstances, they may not be able to graduate with the anticipated award.

Other courses such as nursing also require adherence to relevant NSW Health Department vaccination and screening guidelines that are in place during the time of their course. This may require completion of some vaccinations or undertaking of particular screening for exposure to, or protection from, certain diseases. Non-participation in this vaccination and screening program may prevent the completion of compulsory clinical placements and hence the student may not be able to graduate with the anticipated award.

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Special Pathways

Special Pathways into Avondale College of Higher Education undergraduate degree courses - 2016