We understand that students are often unsure of how the financial side of Avondale works. Here are just some of the many questions that Student Finance gets asked. If you have a question and it is not answered below please contact Student Finance who are more than happy to help you.

Who sets the fees at Avondale?

Avondale's fees are set by the Avondale College Council in August of each year for the following year. Fees will generally increase in line with the increase in the cost of living.

Who is responsible for my Fees?

It is your responsibility to ensure fees, charges, debts and any other specified amounts due in respect of your enrolment at Avondale are paid in full by the due date. You must make sure you know all due dates, census dates and other deadlines as penalties may apply. See your Tuition/General account invoices for due dates and the Academic Calendar for the census dates.

If you have a third party paying for your fees (such as your parents), it is your responsibility to pass on any invoice or statement that is required to be paid. Due to the Privacy Act if you wish for your parents to discuss your student accounts with us you will need to complete the Privacy - Release of Account Information form giving them authorisation to access your information.

How do I receive my Tuition invoice?

Your invoice is produced once you complete your enrolment to study. It can be viewed in Student Connect under the Finance Tab. Click on Current Invoice to view the invoice for the most recent semester. A new invoice is produced when you change your enrolment details. The previous invoice will then show under Historical Invoice.

Can I see my current Tuition balance online?

Yes you can. Log into Student Connect and under the Finance Tab, you will see an Outstanding Balance link. Click on this and it will show your balance owing. If you wish to view a list of the payments you have made, click on the Received Payments link.

I have just changed my course. Do I need to complete a new FEE-HELP or HECS-HELP form?

FEE-HELP - Yes, if you wish to continue using FEE-HELP. If a new form is not completed you will be liable for the full fees.
HECS-HELP - When you change course, you lose your Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) and go back into the pool to be allocated another place. We suggest that you complete a FEE-HELP to cover your fees in the chance that you are not offered another CSP. If you are offered another CSP, then you will need to complete a new HECS-HELP form.

How do I receive my Residence Hall Invoice?

We are currently unable to put the Residence Hall Invoice online. An invoice is emailed to you once you have completed an Application for Residence Halls, paid your Room Bond and have been accepted into the Residence Halls. For new students the invoice is emailed to the email address on the application and for returning students its emailed to the student email address.

Do I receive a monthly statement?

You will receive a monthly statement for your Residence Hall Fee Account only. This will be sent to your Student Email account. Please check your statement each month and report any problems to Student Finance. Your Student Email account is used by Student Finance and other Departments so we advise you to check your account on a regular basis.

When are my fees due?

Fee payment dates will vary between campuses and teaching periods. Please see the due dates listed on your invoice.

How do I make a payment?

Avondale offers a range of different payment methods. For further information, please see Payment Methods.

What payment options do I have for paying my fees?

Avondale offers two options for paying your fees:
  • Full Payment of Semester Fees - All International students are required to pay for each semester's fees upfront.
  • Instalment Option - You only need to pay 50% of the semester's fees at the beginning of each semester and the balance in 3 easy monthly instalments.

What are the Service and Facility Fees?

Avondale College has introduced a compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) which will provide funding for student services and amenities of a non-academic nature (sporting, recreational, employment, financial, food, etc). The fee amount varies and is dependent upon the student’s location and study load. For more information, please visit Student Services and Amenities Fee

Other services are optional and students can choose to pay for these on a needs basis. Note that if you do not purchase a parking package for the semester by the published deadlines, you will be charged $5.00 per day when you swipe your card at the boom gate. For information see parking, Fitlife Gym and printing.

Are there any additional fees that I have to pay?

There may be additional fees that you may have to pay at Avondale. These could include:
  • Graduation Fees - This fee is set by the Graduating Committee in consultation with Avondale's Administration. The cost of hiring academic regalia is included in this class fee. Please see the Graduation Link for further information.
  • Professional Experience or Field Trips - Students involved may have additional costs for items such as travel and accommodation. Further information is available from the Faculty Deans.
  • Sundry Fees - Fees may apply for the following:
      • Late Registration
      • Re-registration
      • Special Testing for Admission
      • ID Card Replacement
      • Optional Service and Facility Fees

What do I need to do for Financial Clearance at Registration?

Students need to be financially cleared before the commencement of each semester. Any fees that are due at registration need to be paid. Please see your invoices for the due dates.

To avoid any wait times on Registration days, it is preferable that any payments that need to be made are done so prior to arrival at Avondale. See Payment Methods for information on how to pay.

International Students are required to have paid for the semester prior to arriving in Australia and once in Australia have the fees paid prior to enrolling each subsequent. If you know which subjects you are enrolling in you can look at the Units Offered and Fees to work out how much you will need to pay for each unit or alternatively a fee estimate can be produced by Student Finance.

Am I eligible to receive Youth Allowance or any other Centrelink payment?

Student Finance advises that you need to contact Centrelink directly for any information on Youth Allowance or any other Centrelink Payment. Centrelink can be contacted on 132490 (Youth and Student Services Enquiries) or through their website www.humanservices.gov.au/

I am currently living in the Residence Halls but I need to move out. What do I need to do?

Please follow the process outlined under the Vacate tab to exit the Residence Halls.

Are there any Discounts which I may be eligible for?

Avondale does offer a small number of discounts:

My Parents work for the SDA Church. Do I get a discount?

You may be entitled to a discount. Please complete and return to Student Finance the Seventh-Day Adventist Church Employer Subsidy Request form to apply. Student Financial Forms

Does Avondale have a Refund Policy?

Please see the Refund Policy for further information.