FEE-HELP Information

FEE-HELP covers Undergraduate (including Diploma of General Studies) and Postgraduate Full Fee Paying tuition fees for eligible Australians Citizens and holders of an Australian Permanent Humanitarian Visa.

Each eligible student has a total lifetime limit of all FEE-HELP (both VET and Higher Education) which they can borrow. For 2013, the limit is $93,204.

FEE-HELP Payment Options

If you are eligible, and have completed a Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF) and have supplied a valid Tax File Number (TFN) for your current program of study, you have the following payment options:
  • The tuition component of your current FEE-HELP program will be deferred to the ATO if you choose not to make a payment prior to census date.
  • If you choose to make a partial payment of FEE-HELP tuition fee prior to the due date, the balance of your tuition fees will be deferred to the ATO.
  • Pay your tuition fees in full prior to the due date.

Students are now able to complete the CAF online in Student Connect. It is found under the Enrolment Tab and is known as ECAF. We urge all students to complete the CAF online.

Please note that FEE-HELP covers tuition fees only. It does not cover other fees such as residence hall fees, textbooks, transport, etc. Payment is still required for these fees.

There is no interest charged on your FEE-HELP debt, however there are loan fees that may be applicable:
  • Undergraduate Courses - 25% loan fee
  • Postgraduate courses - No loan fee

Any loan fee do not count towards your FEE-HELP limit.

Please remember to keep your Tuition Invoice for your records.

Late Payments

Avondale is unable to accept any up-front payments for your tuition after the Census Date for the period of enrolment.

The amount shown on your Tuition Invoice as FEE-HELP Tuition Fee will be deferred to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) if you have completed a CAF, have provided a valid TFN and are eligible for FEE-HELP. If you wish to make a voluntary repayment at any time in the future you can contact the ATO on 1300 650 225 or visit their website www.ato.gov.au.

Changing your Course of Study

If you change your course of study, a new Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF) must be completed.

Discontinuing FEE-HELP

If you wish to discontinue with FEE-HELP, you must provide Student Finance with written notification prior to the Census Date for that period of enrolment.

Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN)

Under the guidelines of the Higher Education Support Act (HESA) 2003, Avondale must issue a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) to all Commonwealth Supported Student (HECS, FEE-HELP, VET FEE-HELP and OS-HELP) after the Census Date for each period of enrolment.

The CAN includes important information about your enrolment such as your tuition amounts, any payments received and any FEE-HELP assistance you have received.

The CAN is made available through Student Connect (eCAN). After the relevant Census Date, Student Finance will send out an email advising you that the eCAN is available for viewing. You will need to select eCAN under the Finance heading on home page of Student Connect. We advise that you keep a printed copy of the eCAN for your records.

If you do not agree with the details listed on your eCAN, you have 14 days from the date of issue of the eCAN, in which to make a written appeal to Student Finance.

Further information on FEE-HELP is available at www.studyassist.gov.au