Living Costs

You'll need to allow for living costs in addition to your course tuition fees.

The Australian government estimates the average living expenses for an international student is A$18,610 per year (A$390 per week) to cover food, accommodation,clothing, entertainment, transport, international and domestic travel, telephone and incidental costs. These amounts are typically for 1 person and will vary depending on where you study and the lifestyle you live.

The financial requirements per year outlined in the table below apply from 1 July 2012.

Expenses Per Person Amount required in AUD
Travel Applicant Return air fare to Australia
Family members One return air fare to Australia per person
Tuition Applicant Course fees
School-age AUD8000 per year
children aged 5-18
Living Applicant AUD18 610 per year
Partner AUD6 515 per year
First child AUD3 720 per year
Each other child AUD2 790 per year

It generally costs more to live in Sydney than in other cities or towns in New South Wales. Outside Sydney, accommodation and transport costs are lower.