Student Safety and Welfare

At Avondale, your safety and welfare is our number one priority. We provide counselling services, career guidance, disability support, and ensure a safe campus environment.

Campus Counselling Service

Qualified Christian counsellors are available on both the Lake Macquarie and Sydney campus. This service is free and confidential, and covers areas such as relationships, study and careers and marriage and family. Appointments essential.

Lake Macquarie campus

Kim Pow
Phone: 0437 156 718
The counsellor's office is situated to the rear of the College Church, with entry to this area through the doors to the left of the Re-Juve Café.

Sydney campus

Appointments: 02 9480 3617
The counsellor's office is situated in the Faculty of Nursing and Health building.
Sydney campus students may also make an appointment to see Kim Pow on the Lake Macquarie campus.

Academic counselling is also provided formally by Course Coordinators, Faculty Deans, and Academic Office personnel.

College Chaplains

Avondale's chaplains provide students with pastoral (spiritual) and emotional support. They are available to discuss any topic, including personal questions you may have, marriage counselling, your Christian journey, commitment to God, and any other counselling you may require. They are also available to discuss any concerns or suggestions you may have on how to improve the spiritual atmosphere on campus. Appointments not essential but strongly advised.

Lake Macquarie campus

Pastor Wayne French
Phone: +61 2 4980 283
The chaplain's office is situated in lower College Hall (student services).

Sydney campus

Dr Drene Somasundram
Phone: 02 9480 3617
The chaplain’s office is situated in the Faculty of Nursing and Health building.

Indigenous Student Support

Avondale supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students during their study program. Each year, an indigenous student is chosen to sit on Avondale's Academic Board and represent the interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students on campus. Our Student Services team and Equity Officer are also available to help students with any additional assistance that may be needed:
Student Services:
Equity Officer:

Disability Support

Avondale's Disability Support Service aims to ensure that students with a disability or medical condition are able to actively participate in all aspects of college life. Services include exam provisions, note-taking, liaison with lecturers and advocacy. For more information, contact the Equity Officer at

Welfare Service

Student welfare is very important to us. Avondale's Student Services team is available to help both domestic and international students with any difficulties or personal matters they may have, such as managing finances, gaining access to medical and community assistance and advocacy. For more information, contact Student Services at

Tutoring Services

Avondale students have access to academic tutoring services on both the Lake Macquarie and Sydney campuses. Students requiring literacy, numeracy, essay writing and referencing tuition can access this tutoring support by visiting

Campus Security

Avondale employs several security officers who care for general security and look at for your safety. Their tasks include patrolling the campus, ensuring buildings are secure, monitoring the entry and exit of personnel onto campus and caring for vehicle safety and parking on campus. Security can be contacted 24-hours a day on +61 2 4980 2333.