Student Associations

Organised clubs and interest groups provide opportunity in a wide range of sporting, cultural and community service activities. These groups operate throughout the year and always have active student participation. It’s another way to add to your Avondale experience.

Avondale Student Association (ASA)

ASA exists as a student representative committee that allows the entire student body to have input into the running of everyday life at Avondale. ASA is made up of student leaders from a wide range of areas, who are responsible for ensuring your time at Avondale is as memorable as possible.

Avondale Nursing Student Association (ANSA)

ANSA exists as a student representative committee for the Sydney Campus that allows the student body to have input into the running of student life.

Social Activities Committee (SAC)

Want to socialise? Then let SAC be your guide. This group of students assists in organising events that allow students to interact and socialise on campus

Student Associated Ministries (SAM)

SAM lives and breathes to serve God and is driven to encourage others to do likewise. SAM runs events such as Festival of Faith, The Prayer Walk, Tuesday Night Worship and the Elevation 24-7 Prayer Week. It is a vibrant group of passionate believers.
Last Updated:19th December 2012
Updated By: Alyssa Faith