Avondale’s Mission statement: “For a Greater Vision of World Needs.”

At Avondale, we aim to not only provide quality, higher education for students but provide opportunities for students to step outside their own realms to experience a life of service and mission to others.

This year, Avondale is supporting Redkite, an Australian charity providing essential support to children and young people with cancer, and the family and friends who care for them.

How to get involved on Futures Day?

Hashtag #avondaleflieshigh and see how much Avondale will donate at the end of the day.
We will donate an amount of money depending on how many tags we get.

The more hashtags, the more we donate!

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More About Redkite
Providing essential support to children and young people with cancer, and their families, has been Redkite's focus for over 30 years. They’re there throughout the whole cancer journey, from the moment of diagnosis until after treatment finishes.

Support includes:
  • Financial assistance to cover essential costs
  • Information, counselling and group support
  • Support to keep education ad career goals on track
  • Support through grief and loss
  • Diagnosis support packs for children and young adults
  • Support in hospital through social workers and music therapists

Redkite receives no government funding. They rely entirely on the generosity
of the community to provide these important services.
Find out more about Redkite