Student Connect FAQ

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page for Student Connect. The list of questions will be regularly updated - however if your query is not covered please contact Avondale Callista Support on extension 246 or via e-mail at

How do I log into Student Connect?

  1. Go to the Avondale website, click on Students, and then Student Connect OR go to
  2. Select login at the top right corner
  3. Enter your User ID number - your student number without the 's' or '0'. i.e. s054321 would be 54321, or s10123456 would be 10123456
  4. Enter your password (default password is your birth date in the form of MMDD). ie June 5 would be 0605, or November 26 would be 1126.

What software do I need to access Callista?

If you are having trouble viewing Student Connect , check that you have the right web browser.

The following is a listing of supported web browers:
  Supported Web Browser Compatible With:
Windows Internet Explorer 9 Windows 7 only
Internet Explorer 8 Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
Internet Explorer 7.0.X Windows XP and Windows Vista only
Firefox 4.0 Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
Macintosh Safari 5.04 OS X
Firefox 4.0 OS X

Browsers must also be JavaScript and CSS enabled with pop-up blockers turned off.

I am unable to log into Student Connect.

Ensure you are using your correct student ID number (User ID) and password. S
ee: How do I log on above. A default password is allocated (see above), which you will change on first login.

I have forgotten my login details.

To have your password reset, please contact Avondale Callista Support on extension 246 or via e-mail at, providing your student name and ID number.

How do I Change my Student Connect Password?

  1. Ensure you are logged in
  2. Select change password from the side menu
  3. Enter your Student ID number and old password (remember, no s, no leading 0)
  4. Choose a new password and click change

Why should I use Student Connect?

Avondale students need to use Student Connect to:
  • view their academic enrolment (which course, major, units, etc)
  • keep their contact addresses up-to-date
  • view their grades
  • check their course progression and completion details
  • do online online enrolment
  • download and print their Enrolment Record
  • view Current Statement of Account (Invoice) for Tuition
  • view Historical Statement of Account (Invoice) for Tuition
  • view Current and Historical Commonwealth Assistance Notices
  • Submit Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Forms.
    For example: Request for FEE-HELP Assistance, Request for VET FEE-HELP Assistance, or if you have been offered a Commonwealth Supported Place and wish to accept it your Request for Commonwealth Support and HECS-HELP.
  • Make payments online.

The internet explorer window opens and then closes when I try to log in. Why?

Your computer may be blocking pop-ups. You will need to check, and if necessary, disable any pop-up blocking software which has been installed on your machine. You may wish to do a web search to learn about this or you may require assistance from Avondale's Information Technology Services support (ph: 02 4980 2111).

Where do I go to enrol in my units/subjects?

To enrol in your units you will need to log into Student Connect and go to the Self Enrolment menu option.
You will need to complete a series of steps to complete your enrolment.
The online Enrolment Guide will assist you step by step with this process.

The online Enrolment Guide is available via the following Link:

What is a Unit Set?

A Unit Set is an area of focused study available in some courses. This is otherwise referred as a Specialisation, Major or Minor. Example of Unit Sets include Accounting, English or History.
Not all courses have Unit Sets available and only certain Unit Sets are available for certain courses. For more information please consult your Course Convenor or the published Avondale Handbook.

How do I know I am enrolled in my units?

After completing your online Self Enrolment, to confirm that your units have been sucessfully enrolled you are advised to view your Enrolment Record. This is a report that will show you all Enrolled units via the Enrolment menu in Student Connect. This report will show units only if they do not have a grade recorded.

This report can be provided to Centrelink as proof of your enrolment. A PDF version is available online to be printed. If you require assistance to obtain a copy, contact the Academic Office.

How do I access my Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Notice?

Student Finance will notify you when your Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Notice (ECAN) is available, via your student email and Student Connect Messages once you have logged onto Student Connect. When they become available you can access your ECAN via the ECAN menu option in Student Connect.

What do I do if my Statement of Account (Invoice) is Incorrect?

Firstly you should make sure that you are enrolled correctly in all of your units by downloading an Enrolment Record online. Once you have confirmed your enrolment is correct, if you believe that your invoice is incorrect then email who will be able to help you resolve any questions.

I am unable to submit my Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (ECAF). Why?

This may be for a few reasons. Please check the following before proceeding:
  • Have you answered all questions?
    You may have missed a mandatory question or check box. Make sure you have checked all the required boxes that may be applicable.
  • Have you changed your citizenship ?
    If you have changed your citizenship status but not provided the appropriate documentation to Student Finance, this could prevent the new citizenship from being recognised in the ECAF. Please make sure that you have notified Student Finance and provided the appropriate documentation before submitting an ECAF.
  • Have you read the information booklet?
    You need to ensure that you read the PDF information booklet before submitting your ECAF.
    To ensure that you have done so, you MUST select the PDF version of the information booklet before you can submit your ECAF.