The logo and its meaning

The Avondale College of Higher Education logo is a symbol of the Christian faith that inspires us to embrace life through learning. It represents foundational beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the core values to which Avondale commits.

The flame

Four lines form the shape of a flame, which symbolises the Holy Spirit. Sent by God the Father and God the Son, the spirit extends spiritual gifts to us, empowers us to share our faith, and leads us to seek truth through Scripture. The flame represents spirituality, which is one of Avondale’s five values. Two lines form the bottom and the top of the flame. This equal divide represents the value of balance. The two lines leading to the top of the flame taper near the tip, implying a continued upward momentum and representing the value of excellence. The inspiration for the flame comes from the logo of the Adventist Church. Avondale is an entity of the church.

The globe

The flame encircles an implied globe, on which we can depict a map of the earth. Our commission as Christians is to take the good news of salvation through Christ to all peoples of the earth. The image of forming a circle is also one of care and concern, representing the value of nurture. We extend this care and concern more broadly to our social and ecological relationships. In this context, the globe represents the value of service.

Last Updated:28th July 2015
Updated By: Brenton Stacey