Avondale accepts the challenge of learning and discovery, of striving for excellence, and of fostering a creativity that blends individuality, wisdom and healthy self-evaluation. It promotes excellence in the higher education it offers, in the quality of the infrastructure it develops, and in the spiritual and academic support services it provides.


Avondale values spirituality and believes that nothing is of greater significance than each person’s relationship to God as Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer. Avondale invites all its staff and students to respond positively to God’s invitation to commune with Him in prayer, worship, meditation, fellowship, study of the Bible, and Sabbath rest.


Avondale seeks to encourage members of its learning community to realise their full potential, and to live full and joyful lives. In achieving this goal Avondale enhances social skills, values friendships and supports family relationships. It seeks to provide the guidance and nurture that will enable its students to respond intelligently to their own needs and to the needs of others.


Avondale’s motto, “For a Greater Vision of World Needs,” challenges its learning community to a more informed understanding of humanitarian needs and responses, and to a greater commitment to fulfilling the needs of those less fortunate and in want of human care and support both in Australia and overseas.


Avondale values the sustainability of the earth and its peoples and believes that this can be achieved through balance. Learning to live a balanced life is based on living temperately and Avondale encourages this by providing a balanced program of spiritual growth, intellectual development, cultural enrichment, physical activity, relaxation and recreation. This program sustains Avondale’s human resources. A balanced approach to budgeting and infrastructure management sustains Avondale’s physical resources and the environment.
Last Updated:13th June 2014
Updated By: Brenton Stacey