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Special Pathways into Avondale College of Higher Education undergraduate degree courses 2015


v17, 20 May 2015: Update to new policy template. Name of policy changed from "Admission to Undergraduate Courses Policy" to "Admission to Higher Education Undergraduate Course Policy". uniTEST and TOWA added to entry requirements. Option to submit official documentary evidence all secondary schooling was conducted in English for applicants to nursing removed. Australian International College of English included in information about English language requirements. Revisions to minimum TEOFL scores. Cambridge English: Advanced revised to include new 2015 minimum scores and minimum sub-scores. Pearson Test of English revised to include minimum communicative scores. Minimum academic entry requirements included for Bangladesh, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tonga and Vietnam. Modifications to minimum academic entry requirements for Fiji, India, Indonesia, Taiwan and USA.

v16, 20 January 2015: Alternative Pathways section added. Minimum qualification from Nepal for undergraduate course entry added.

v15, 23 January 2014: clarification of IELTS requirements for teachers in NSW.

v14, 20 Feb 2013: changes to criteria for international applicants whose first language is not English.


Rules for admission to undergraduate courses of study.

Approved By:
Academic Board

Approval Date:
20 May 2015

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Academic Registrar

v16, 20 January 2015

Review In:
May 2018

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