AIM - Academic Integrity Module

AIM provides information on:

  • academic integrity including plagiarism
  • Turnitin

The unit is compulsory for all newly enrolled students, but returning students will also find it a useful resource. If you are required to complete AIM you will find the link listed with your units when you log into Moodle. Once you have satisfactorily completed AIM the link will disappear.

Login to Moodle and explore the information for yourself - it is self-paced and easy to use.

Using AIM as a guest

You can access AIM as a guest if you are a returning student.
Click to Moodle and select Log in as a Guest to be able to access this useful course.

Library Information & the Research Process Course

This online course provides information on:

  • using the library
  • interpreting assignment questions
  • finding information
  • the research process
  • submitting assignments

This course is not compulsory, but is provided here to help you develop skills to complete assignments efficiently and to a higher standard.
Click to Moodle and select Log in as a Guest to access this course.