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The Atlas of Living Australia is an initiative to improve access to essential information on Australia's biodiversity by providing tools for researchers and others to access, combine and map data on Australian species.

The Atlas offers:

  • Species pages with descriptions, distribution maps, images, observations, specimens and more
  • Lists of scientific and common names for Australian plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms
  • Identification keys and tools
  • Curatorial information on Natural History Collections (museums, herbaria and microorganism collections), with links to their specimens
  • Mapping tools to search, analyse and combine biodiversity and environmental data
  • Information and tools for citizen science projects
  • Tools to track environmental indicators and changes over time
  • Open source tools to download and use
  • Australian nodes of international biodiversity databases and tools, e.g. Morphbank, Biodiversity Heritage Library

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The Atlas of Living Australia allows an unlimited number of concurrent users

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