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Installing EndNote
I had the EndNote tools in Word, but they are now missing. How can I get them back?
The spell checker in EndNote is greyed out. How do I activate this option?

If EndNote will not install:
  • Check that no Windows program (such as Word, Outlook etc) is open
  • You may need to uninstall previous versions of EndNote from your computer
  • Make sure you are installing the correct version of EndNote
  • You may need to temporarily disable any virus checking software you have running

My citations look like this {Harrison, 2005 #22} How can I change them?
When I try to add page numbers using CWYW the page numbers will not appear.
How do I edit my citations or footnotes?

How do I delete a reference I have inserted into Word?
How do I import references from Google Scholar?
How do I create a separate bibliography at the end of each chapter within a single Word document?
I just want a bibliography without any citations. Can I do this?
How do I delete a reference I have inserted into Word?

I am trying to type in a corporate author but it looks funny. What am I doing wrong?
My journal titles are downloading in an abbreviated form. How can I change this?

Transferring files
How can I import into EndNote a bibliography I created in Microsoft Word?

How do I ....
Modify a style?
Modify a reference type?
Compress my EndNote library and email it to myself?

What's new with EndNote X6?
The latest version of EndNote has an updated look and new features such as ranking and read/unread status for records, the ability to change case within a field, a separate PDF reference window, the ability to email references and attachments from within EndNote, to copy or move fields, and more.

The biggest improvement is the EndNote Web sync feature. This allows you to sync one library with EndNote Web. You can sync references, groups, and even attachments, across multiple computers. You can share EndNote Web groups with other EndNote Web users. You sign up for an EndNote Web account when you first install EndNote X6, or go to the Preferences and select "Sync".

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