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FAQs from the EndNote web site

Installing EndNote
I had the EndNote tools in Word, but they are now missing. How can I get them back? Alternatively, try this.
The spell checker in EndNote is greyed out. How do I activate this option?

If EndNote will not install:
  • Check that no Windows program (such as Word, Outlook etc) is open
  • You may need to uninstall previous versions of EndNote from your computer
  • Make sure you are installing the correct version of EndNote
  • You may need to temporarily disable any virus checking software you have running

My citations look like this {Harrison, 2005 #22} How can I change them?
When I try to add page numbers using CWYW the page numbers will not appear. (See 'Adding page numbers after a citation'). Alternatively, try this.
How do I edit my citations or footnotes?

How do I delete a reference I have inserted into Word? (See: Removing a citation, on slide 5.)
How do I import references from Google Scholar?
How do I create a separate bibliography at the end of each chapter within a single Word document?
How do I double-space my bibliography?
How do I remove duplicates from my EndNote library?
I just want a bibliography without any citations. Can I do this?

I am trying to type in a corporate author but it looks funny. What am I doing wrong?
My journal titles are downloading in an abbreviated form. How can I change this?

Transferring files
How can I import into EndNote a bibliography I created in Microsoft Word?

How do I ....
Modify a reference style?
Modify a reference type?
Compress my EndNote library and email it to myself?
Create an EndNote record by importing a pdf with a doi?
Reset my sync function, to stop my references duplicating?

What's new with EndNote X8?
The latest version of EndNote has new features such as
  • Support for the latest operating systems
  • Similar, more intuitive icons in Windows and Mac
  • New reference update features
  • Two new tools in the Groups panel
  • Improved library sharing
  • Activity feed for library changes

What was new with EndNote X7?
  • Brand-new library sharing with up to 14 colleagues, anywhere in the world
  • Background synchronization so your work is continuously saved online
  • Advanced PDF importing, file naming and organizing
  • Expanded format options, with more than 6,000 reference styles
  • Bibliography subheadings for more control and flexibility
  • New choices for organizing your research materials
  • New reference types such as interview, podcast, conference paper and press release
  • A plug-in for adding citations to Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides (Windows only)

EndNote X7 syncs all your citations, attachments, reference groups and annotations so you have access anywhere, anytime.