Using the Catalogue

Using PrimoSearch
What is PrimoSearch?
How do I find information on PrimoSearch?
How do I renew my loans?
How do I request an item that is on loan?
How do I request an item from another campus library?
How do I request an item from Sydney library?
What is My Basket?
Understanding your search results

Search Strategies
How can I find a book if I only have limited information about it?
How do I find eBooks?
How do I find the most recently published items?

Managing Your Results
I have spent a lot of time searching and just when I have what I want I have to race to a class. Can I save my search?
How do I check if the item is available?
I am getting too many results. What should I do?
I can't find a thing on my topic. What should I do?
I can't see any Availability or Details buttons. Where are they?
Where can I find more details about an item?

How do I look for journal articles?
How do I find peer-reviewed journal articles?
What is Journal Titles A-Z?
How do I request an article that is not availabe full text? (Honours and Post-graduate students only)
What is the difference between a journal and a journal article?
I am looking for articles but it seems that every article is either not there or I am asked for a password or they want me to pay. What's the deal?

Where will I find books by E.G. White?
EGW books are located at the top of the left hand set of stairs. They are in a separate collection.
Works by Mrs E. G. White have the call number W followed by two letters from the title's first word.
eg Acts of the apostles = W Ac9

What do the numbers on the book spines mean?
Each book has its own unique call number eg 801.95 W83
The first number is the general area with their subdivisions. The letter and number refers to the author.

eg A shorter history of Australia by G. Blainey 994 B57-4

The first 9 is History
94 is Australia (the book is about the history 9- of Australia -94)
B57 is the author's unique number
-4 is the fourth book we have at that number by that author
Understanding call numbers
Do you know the order in which books are shelved? Play this game to find out!

How do I know if the book is on the shelf?
Click on Availability. The item will have a call number and the location of the item, either Avondale - Lake Macquarie or Avondale - Sydney

The Status/Date Due heading tells you if the item is On Shelf and available for you to borrow. If it is on loan it will give you the date it is due back in the library.

What are the letters in front of some of the call numbers?
AV = video
B-REF = bioethics reference
CD = compact disc
CR = closed reserve
F = fiction
FOL = folio (extra tall books)
NF = non-fiction
REF = reference
W = Ellen G. White books

How do I .... ?
Borrow from another campus
Learn how to order items not available from your own campus library.
Renew an item
Save yourself fines and renew an item before it becomes overdue.

Submit an assignment using Turnitin
Quick tutorial showing you how to upload your assignment through Turnitin.
Find journal articles
Hints and tips on finding journal articles.

Request an item
Is the book you want on loan to someone else? Here's how to place a hold so you can be the next to borrow it.
View details of search results
The results page provides important information about each item. Use the details found on this page to locate your item or expand your search.