How to Reference

When you write your assignment it's important to let the reader know the source of your information. This includes acknowledging any direct quotes you have used as well as any ideas you may have gleaned and paraphrased.

This is called 'referencing'.

It makes sense to do this as it:
  • Shows you have researched extensively
  • Adds credibility to your work
  • Provides the reader with the details of your sources

References have two parts:
  1. In-text citations (e.g. Smith, 2013, p. 5) or a footnote
  2. A reference list (the full details of the in-text citations used in your assignment)

The type of referencing you use will be determined by your area of study. Check with your lecturer or the library if you are unsure.

APA Referencing
Avondale Reference Guide for APA with notes for using EndNote
Sample essay 1 - APA
Sample essay 2 - APA
Sample essay 3 - APA

Turabian Referencing
Avondale Reference Guide for Turabian with notes for using Zotero
Avondale Reference Guide for Turabian with notes for using EndNote
Sample essay - Turabian

MLA Referencing
Avondale Reference and Style Guide for MLA
The Owl at Purdue - MLA referencing style guide and resource.

Australian Guide to Legal Citation
Students at Avondale taking specific business units in law will be directed by their lecturer to reference according to the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (3rd edition) style. The Quick Guide provided here has been prepared by the Office of Student Success - Academic Skills Unit, at Australian Catholic University (ACU). The guide is provided here with the kind permission of ACU.

Online Support

Video Tutorials - how to reference
Click here for the video tutorials page and scroll down to 'Referencing'

Visit the Library EndNote page for information about EndNote and instructions on how to use it. EndNote is a tool that can make your referencing much quicker and easier.

You might also like to try Citefast, but remember that referencing tools sometimes get it wrong. You always need to check the final result and make sure it follows the rules for the style of referencing you're using.

Avoiding Plagiarism
How to avoid plagiarism - Tutorial
Plagiarism Glossary