Web Sites

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Advantages of globalization
Data source on rich nations
Globalisation and development guide
Globalization 101
Globalization and World Cities project, Loughborough University, UK
Globalization lesson plans resources
Introduction to anti-globalization
Teaching guide for globalization essays


AIDS education organisation
Australian Indigenous Health InfoNet info
Comprehensive site for HIV/Aids information
Health map
World Health Organization

Human displacement

Amnesty International
Forced migration
Internal displacement monitoring centre
Refugee council of Australia
Refugees International
Refugee Studies Centre
UN refugee site


Consultative group on international ag research
Food and Agriculture Organisation
Food First
Food-for-all program evaluation
Hunger notes
Hunger Web

International development

Asia Development Bank
Anthropolgy and participatory development
Development Gateway
Economic & Social Commission for Asia Pacific
Large research information site from IDS, Sussex and UK-DfID
Major development site
Major site for British NGOs and development organisations
World Bank


Australian Population Flows: Immigration aspects 2006-07
Population statistics
US-based population data site
US site with population data on most countries


Causes of poverty
Food price watch
Jubilee Australia
Make poverty history
Share the world's resources
World Bank Poverty site, including Voices of the Poor project and Overcoming Human Poverty
World poverty: A look at causes and solutions


Database of research on urban poverty
Database on megacities
UN Habitat site