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Art Review
Art and Australia
Arts journal
Modern Painters

Werby, A. Techniques of Sculpture
McConnell, M. Lecture Four: Methods of Sculpture
Werby, A. Alternative Surface Threatments for Ceramics
City of Tucson Environment Management, Health and Safety in the Arts

Australian Graphic Design Association
Australian INfront is a collaborative project space and launch pad to Australia's best online designers, artists, companies and other design related web sites.
Sustainable Design Guide Australia

Welcome to Ben's free Insight Injections a storehouse of his best tips and techniques designed to help you get the most out of Photoshop.
Apple web site

Photoshop tutorials and resources
The digital filmmakers resource site
Professional Programming for the Web.

Adobe InDesign CS3
Digital Video editing
comprehensive and informative digital camera reviews
Basics of Final Cut Pro: Keyboard Shortcuts

A History of Photography
Still Journal is a weekly digest of accumulated links, tutorials, news, tricks, ideas and creativity on the culture and art of modern photography.
Darkroom and Film supplies
Focus 10 Photography

Design is web page
Australia's largest Printing Directory
Nick Hodge is a professional geek and digital diplomat for Microsoft in Australia.
Laurens Leurs design pages
Web page for creative professionals If you're a creative professional in search of information, education, inspiration, or communication with other creative pros, you'll find it here. Wondering what we mean by 'creative professional'? Anyone involved in the conception, direction, design, or production of communication materials. That includes print designers, photographers, illustrators, Web designers -- you know, people like you.