Giving Opportunities

The Avondale College Library gladly accepts donations of books, journals, documents and artifacts on behalf of the Library, the Ellen G White/Adventist Research Centre and the Adventist Heritage Centre. Items which are not required in these collections are offered to our sister institutions ΓΆ€“ Pacific Adventist University and Sonoma College in Papua New Guinea and Fulton College in Fiji. See our for further information.

The Library also welcomes cash donations towards the purchase of for library materials or specific projects.
Current projects include:
  • Books and audio-visual materials
  • Purchase of ATLAS religion database for alumni (A$ 1000)
  • Purchase of 6 lockable doctoral study desks (A$ 1500 each)

All donations are acknowledged by letter and with a donor plate.

If you have authored a book or completed a masters or doctoral thesis, the Library would be honoured to place a copy in the collection. Please contact the Head Librarian on +61 2 4980 2129 or email for further information.