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Australian_content Australian Content
Requires_login Licensed database. Requires Avondale login

Letter: A

A+ Education (via Informit) Australian_content Requires_login
Academic OneFile - GALE Requires_login
Accounting and Tax (via ProQuest) Requires_login
ACLS Humanities E-book info Requires_login
Adventist Online Document Archives info
Agriculture Collection (via GALE) Requires_login
Anatomy & Physiology Online (also known as Primal Pictures) info Requires_login
APA-FT Collection (via Informit) Australian_content Requires_login
Atlas of Living Australia info Australian_content
Australia/NZ Reference Centre info Australian_content Requires_login
arXiv Online Science Repository info
ATLA with ATLAS Serials - Religion for students info Requires_login
ATLA with ATLAS Serials – Religion for alumni info Requires_login
AUSTLIT - Australian Literature info Australian_content Requires_login
Australian Dictionary of Biography info Australian_content
Australian Indigenous Health InfoNet info
Australian National Dictionary info Australian_content
Australian Newspapers Archive info Australian_content
Australasian Digital Theses Program info Australian_content
Australasian Religion Index info Australian_content Requires_login

Letter: B

Banking information source (via ProQuest) Requires_login
Biology Journals (via ProQuest) Requires_login
Britannica Online info Requires_login
Britannica Online School Edition info Requires_login
Business - ABI/INFORM Global (via Proquest) Requires_login
Business and Company ASAP (via GALE) Requires_login
Business Collection (via Informit) Australian_content Requires_login
Business Economics and Theory (via GALE) Requires_login
Business - Asian Business and Reference (via Proquest) Requires_login
Business - European Business (via Proquest) info Requires_login

Letter: C

Caresearch info
CDRI: Digital resources for the study of religion
Census of Population & Housing (ABS) info
Christian Classics Ethereal Library info
CINAHL Plus - Nursing info Requires_login
Classical Music in Video info Requires_login
The Cochrane Library info
Complete Published Ellen G White Writings info
Communications and Mass Media Collection (via GALE) Requires_login
Computer Database (via GALE) Requires_login
Computing (via Proquest) info Requires_login
Credo Reference info Requires_login
Criminal Justice Collection (via GALE) Requires_login
Criminal Justice (via Proquest) info Requires_login

Letter: D

Dictionary of Sydney info Australian_content
The Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts info Requires_login
Directory of Open Access Journals info

Letter: E

EDNA - now discontinued. Please see ESA - Education Services Australia
Education in Video info Requires_login
Education Journals (via Proquest) info Requires_login
Education - Career and Technical Education (via Proquest) info Requires_login
Educational Research Theses info Requires_login
Educator's Reference Desk
Ellen G White Resources for Kids info
Engineering Collection (via Informit) Australian_content Requires_login
Environmental Studies and Policy Collection (via GALE) Requires_login
ERIC - Education info Requires_login
ERIC Digests - Education info
ESA - Education Services Australia info Australian_content
Expanded Academic ASAP (via GALE) Requires_login

Letter: F

Family Health (via ProQuest) info Requires_login
Fine Arts and Music Collection (via GALE) Requires_login
FirstSearch WorldCat Dissertations and Theses Requires_login

Letter: G

Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online info Requires_login
General Business File ASAP (via GALE) Requires_login
General OneFile (via GALE) Requires_login
General Reference Centre Gold (via GALE) Requires_login
German-English dictionary of religion and theology
GreenFile info
Grove Music Online info (via Oxford Music Online)Requires_login

Letter: H

Health and Life Sciences (via ScienceDirect) info Requires_login
Health Collection (via Informit) Australian_content Requires_login
Health management (via ProQuest) info Requires_login
Health Reference Centre Academic (via GALE) Requires_login
Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection (via GALE) Requires_login
Humanities and Social Science Collection (via Informit) Australian_content Requires_login

Letter: I

Indigenous Collection (via Informit) Australian_content Requires_login
IDP International Database of Research info
Informit Australian_content Requires_login
ISI Highly Cited info

Letter: J

Joanna Briggs Institute COnNECT+ info Australian_content Requires_login
JSTOR Early Journal Content info

Letter: L

LegalTrac (via GALE) Requires_login
LISTA info Requires_login
Library Music Source Australian_content Requires_login
Literature and Culture Collection (via Informit) Australian_content Requires_login

Letter: M

Media Directory info Australian_content Requires_login
Medical Sciences - Pharmaceutical News Index (via Proquest) info Requires_login
Medical Sciences - Health and Medical Complete (via Proquest) info Requires_login
Medline info Requires_login

Letter: N

Naxos Music Library info Requires_login
Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations info
Newsstand (via ProQuest) info Requires_login
Nursing and Allied Health (via GALE) Requires_login
Nursing and Allied Health (via ProQuest info Requires_login
Nursing Education in Video info Requires_login

Letter: O

Ovid Nursing Full Text Plus info Requires_login
Oxford Biblical Studies Online info Requires_login
Oxford Medical and Nursing Handbooks Online info Requires_login
Oxford Music Online info Requires_login
Oxford Reference info Requires_login
Oxresearch (via ProQuest) info Requires_login

Letter: P

Physical Sciences and Engineering (via ScienceDirect) info Requires_login
Primal Pictures info Requires_login
ProQuest Central Requires_login
ProQuest Dissertations and Theses info
Psychology Collection (via GALE) Requires_login
Psychology Journals (via ProQuest) Requires_login
PsycINFO Requires_login
PsycArticles Requires_login

Letter: R

Rabbinic Traditions info
Religion & Philosophy Collection info Requires_login
Religion and Philosophy Collection (via GALE) Requires_login
Religion (via ProQuest) info Requires_login
Research In Ministry (RIM Online) info
Research Library (via Proquest) info Requires_login
Royal Society Journal archives info

Letter: S

SAGE Journals Online - Humanities & Social Science Package info Requires_login
SAGE Research Methods info Requires_login
ScienceDirect - Health & Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Social and Behavioural Sciences collection info Requires_login
Science Journals (via Proquest) info Requires_login
SDA Obituary Index info
SDA Online Document Archives info
SDA Periodicals Index info
SDA Photographs
Snapshots (via Proquest) info Requires_login
Social and Behavioural Sciences (via ScienceDirect) info Requires_login
Social Science Journals (via Proquest) info Requires_login

Letter: T

Taylor & Francis Social Science and Humanities Library info Requires_login
Teacher Reference Center info
Technology and Telecommunications (via Proquest) info Requires_login
Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Collection (via GALE) Requires_login
Trove info Australian_content

Letter: V

VOCEDplus info Australian_content

Letter: W

World History in Video info Requires_login
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