Dr Darren Morton


Darren Morton's speciality is the sports sciences. His PhD explored the stitch the abdominal pain commonly experienced during exercise. Stemming from this and other post-doctoral research, Darren has served as a consultant to commercial bodies, helping in the development of hydration beverages.

He is currently leading a team of researchers studying the health benefits of the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) and is one of three presenters on a new CHIP DVD series.

Darren is a former winner (2003) of the Network for Fitness Professionals Author of the Year award. He is also author of the book, Seven secrets for feeling fantastic, in which he draws on his experience as a physiologist to show how the body is designed to function.

Darren has previous media experience, appearing on several radio and television shows and presenting a series of radio spots. He enjoys running (winning each of the Hall to Gate Runs he has contested at Avondale College of Higher Education), hang gliding and water sports.

Darren is a senior health and exercise science lecturer in the School of Education at Avondale.


Why are you passionate about pursuing health, happiness and vibrant living from a Christian perspective?
The Christian approach to living is beyond compare. Christianity possess profound life-enriching strategies that need to be communicated more effectively.

What motivated you to write Seven secrets?
Most of the books on the market claiming to hold the keys for revolutionising your life promote anti-Christian values. I felt compelled to demonstrate how the Christian approach to living surpasses any other.

What about the eating swimming myth, is it true?
Eating then swimming poses no specific danger. While it does increase the chances of getting a stitch, it is not dangerous. The worst thing you could possibly end up with is stomach pain.


BEd (Ballarat), MAppSc (Ballarat), PhD (Newcastle), AAESS, ASMS


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