Dr Keith Howson


Dr Keith Howson's primary professional research focus is on internal auditing and the financial management of non-profit organisations. Teaching excellence is also an area on interest.

Keith has authored a number of articles in academic journals about the link between internal auditing and learning, and international teaching. He has also presented many papers on accounting, auditing and education at international conferences. He believes in teaching from a practitioner's view. To do this, he draws on his own work experience and his international exposure--he has served at tertiary institutions in England and in Zimbabwe--to different work practices and cultures.

Keith is active in the professional sector. He represents the Australian Institute of Internal Auditors on the international body's Academic Relations Committee.

Keith is dean of the Faculty of Business at Avondale College of Higher Education. He has been lecturing at Avondale since 1997.


What did you find from your study of the history of internal auditing in the Seventh-day Adventist Church?
The church operates within a closed rather than open accountability model. My experience shows members will give more financial support to a church working within the open rather than closed model. As a general rule, the non-profit sector, of which churches are a part, should develop a spirit of accountability similar to that of major companies.

You talk of the educational opportunities of internal auditing. Why?
No tertiary institution in Australia has applied for an internal auditing endorsed program.

Why study internal auditing?
Internal auditing has a critical role in managing corporate resources. You can no longer operate a major company without an auditing arm.


DipBus (Helderberg); BSc (Andrews); MBA (Andrews); MCom (Witwatersrand); PhD (Newcastle); AFAIM; CMA; MIIA (Australia)


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