Dr Lynden Rogers


Lynden Rogers has written for several scientific journals, including a paper examining the history and significance of the design argument published in Christian Spirituality and Science 2 (2001). He has presented papers in Australia and overseas, including at the Geoscience Research Institute (Loma Linda, California, USA). Lynden's paper asked questions about the way Seventh-day Adventists put together their concept of origins.

Lynden asks similar questions of his students. His aim as a lecturer is to encourage his students to think deeply and seriously and in an informed fashion about how science interacts with their faith so their faith is believable and sustainable.

Lynden is a member of the Australian Institute of Physics and the Institute for the Study of Christianity in an Age of Science and Technology. He has served as a member of the organising committee for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific's Faith and Science Conference (2003) and is a past-president of the Sydney chapter of the Association of Adventist Forums.

Lynden's interests also include woodwork, piano technology and bushwalking in Tasmania (his home state).

Lynden is dean of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics at Avondale College. He has been lecturing at Avondale since 1982.


Are science and Christian faith incompatible?
Only in the minds of those who misunderstand science or Christian faith, or both.

Does this mean all faith-science issues are clear-cut?
No. This has been a happening area for interactive thought for at least 400 years.

What do you think about evolution?
Evolution is such a complex issue and the term can mean so many different things that you must phrase your question with greater specificity.

Has your Christian faith ever been threatened by scientific data?
No. And that is not because of the lack of difficult data!

What about intelligent design?
Many are surprised to discover that although Christians who are also into science generally accept a basic design argument, most do not support the specific tenets of the intelligent design movement.


BSc (London), MSc (Newcastle), PhD (Newcastle)


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