Dr Peter Beamish


Peter Beamish is excited about life and knows what it takes to be successful. He is passionate about the potential of technology to enhance learning among school students, outlining methods for including technology in traditional assessments, including developing web pages and producing videos.

Although passionate about technology, Peter enjoys seeing people grow and develop in non-technological environments. He constantly challenges young adults to rise to the occasion and enjoys facilitating positive learning experiences that are significant to young adults in and out of the technology classroom.

Peter is coordinator of the Ministry of Teaching, which is an initiative to reposition teaching as a ministry. He launched Ministry of Teaching in Seventh-day Adventist churches and schools and in other Christian schools across Australia in 2007.

Peter is dean of the Faculty of Education at Avondale College and head of the Avondale Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching.


Why bother with technology in the classroom?
Today's students are digital natives. The challenge for today's teachers is to engage digital natives in learning experiences.

Is all computing use in the classroom the same?
No. There are two types: one, computer applications that make it easier, quicker, or more efficient to continue teaching the traditional curriculum using traditional pedagogy (eg. drill and practice tutorial software); and two, computer applications that make available new ways of teaching (eg. database, graphic, multimedia, presentation, spreadsheet and word processing software and Web 2.0 software.

How has the Internet evolved as a teaching tool?
It began with a read-only tool, the web browser, which served as a source of information then as a means--although not easy--of publishing. Then came Web 2.0. Tools such as blogs, podcasts and wikis and social networking sites make publishing easy. The Internet is facilitating a constructivist approach to teaching and learning with teachers generating student-centred learning activities.


BEd (Avondale), MEdSt (Newcastle), PhD (Newcastle)


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