Dr John Skrzypaszek


John Skrzypaszek's vision is to develop confidence in God's prophetic gift and the ministry of Seventh-day Adventist Church pioneer Ellen G White.

Statistics from the Christian Research Association suggest five million Australians consider spirituality as important. Another five million consider it as of the highest importance. In the context of Adventist faith, John's research explores the dynamics of spirituality in the lives of the church's pioneers.

John has a deep conviction of God's leading in the Adventist Church. He is director of the Ellen G White/Seventh-day Adventist Research Centre, based at Avondale College. The centre promotes an accurate understanding of the mission of Ellen G White and contains many of her books, letters and manuscripts.

John is passionate about people, too. He enjoys helping them discover their God-give uniqueness.

John is a lecturer in the Faculty of Theology at Avondale.


How relevant is Ellen G White in 21st century?
God calls people for a specific purpose at a specific time. Ellen G White guided, inspired and nurtured, and she served as a reminder to focus on Jesus. She continues this ministry through her writings. The Adventist pioneers were on a journey. We are on journey.

Describe the experience of Ellen G White and the Adventist Church pioneers with God.
They struggled with questions such as, "How does God fit into the reality of my life?" "Can I count on Him in times of a personal need?" "Does He care?" "Does He understand how I feel?" "How does he speak to me?" "What do I hear Him say?" "How do I deal with His apparent silence?" They were experimenting with God, putting Him to the test.

What can we learn from these pioneers?
Discovering the identity of the pioneers challenges us to reinterpret their passion in a 21st century context so we, too, can become visionaries.


BA Avondale, MA Avondale, DMin Australian College of Theology


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