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Research Training Support Framework

The following self-paced online tutorials are also available:
ONLINE TUTORIAL: Referencing using Zotero for students and staff [facilitated by LIBRARY staff]

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More workshops about developing supervision skills will be scheduled in 2017. In the meantime, if you would like the CASTL staff to facilitate a workshop about supervision skills for academic staff, please contact Gina Lemke (gina.lemke@avondale.edu.au).

The following self-paced online tutorials are also available:

Avondale staff may access the above tutorials using their usual Moodle login and password details. External users are welcome to access the tutorials by clicking on either the links above and then clicking on the "Log in as a guest" button.

​Please contact us at castl@avondale.edu.au​ if you have any difficulty accessing these tutorials.

The following online modules are currently under development:
  • ONLINE MODULE: Quality in research - Research ethics and evaluation criteria
  • ONLINE MODULE: Selecting a research topic
  • ONLINE MODULE: Selecting a research methodology
  • ONLINE MODULE: Writing a literature review
  • ONLINE MODULE: Writing a research report or research article
  • ONLINE MODULE: Thesis formatting
  • ONLINE MODULE: Introduction to Descriptive Statistics
  • ONLINE MODULE: Inferential Statistics

Avondale's Research Training Support Framework

Avondale's Research Training Support Framework provides support, advice and resources for Avondale staff involved in the supervision of honours and postgraduate, and candidates enrolled in honours and postgraduate research degrees. The Framework currently includes three active stages: getting started; proposal and confirmation; and researching and writing.

If you have any questions or feedback about this Framework, please email: castl@avondale.edu.au

Support for the development of this of Avondale's Research Training Support Framework was provided by an Extension Grant (2014-2015) from the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching. The researchers involved in this project are: Maria Northcote, Tony Williams, Kevin Petrie, Kayle de Waal, Malcolm Anderson, Brett Mitchell and Gina Lemke. We would also like to acknowledge the ongoing expert advice that contributed to the development of this Framework from: Dr Janet Carton at University College Dublin, Prof. Joe Luca at Edith Cowan University, Prof. Margaret Kiley at The Australian National University and Ass​oc. Prof. Catherine McLoughlin at The Australian Catholic University. Thank you to Colin Chuang for designing the graphics on this site and to Brian Greentree for creating the online site.