Avondale Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (ACELT)

Director: Dr Peter Beamish

The Centre was established to research and promote innovative and exemplary teaching and learning practices in Seventh-day Adventist schools, colleges and higher education institutions. It focuses on researching effective learning and teaching, assists lecturers and teachers in the assessment and improvement of their teaching and assists educational institutions to assess their effectiveness in achieving their goals.

Institute of Worship (IOW)

Director: Dr Lyell Heise

The Institute of Worship was founded in 2004 and is sponsored jointly by Avondale College and the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It serves the Avondale Campuses and Adventist Unions, Conferences, Missions and churches of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific with resources, services, training seminars, consultancies and research.

Its objectives include the following:
  • Implement strategies for the education and mentoring of worship leaders, and regional worship consultants across the South Pacific Division.
  • Provide relevant resources for the enrichment of Adventist worship.
  • Advise on philosophical and theological issues emerging in the process of worship education among congregations, worship leaders, and students.
  • Contribute to the development of worship leadership and worship research skills in both undergraduate and postgraduate theology and ministry students.
  • Facilitate the emergence of a culture of excellence and interdependence among Adventist worship leaders.
  • Support the development of mutual affirmation and respect across generational and cultural divides.
  • Cooperate with and support the departments and ministry consultants in the South Pacific Division and its Unions, Conferences, and Missions to achieve the above.
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