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Dr Lindsay Morton

Faculty: Faculty of Arts, Nursing and Theology
Position: Assistant Dean (Learning & Teaching)
School: Discipline of Humanities and Creative Arts
Position: Lecturer
Phone: (02) 4980 2192
Extension: #192
Fax: (02) 49802118

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Deakin University)
Bachelor of Teaching (Avondale College of HIgher Education)
Master of Arts (Deakin University)
Doctor of Philosophy (Victoria University of Wellington)
Research: Lindsay's current research projects include: Australian Literary Journalism; Internationalisation across the Curriculum; Innovative Tertiary Assessment; Contemporary YA Fiction
Select Publications: Journal Articles:

'Where Are You Coming From? Transparency and truth-claims in Dave Cullen’s Columbine’. Journalism Practice 9.2 (2015): 168–183.

‘Evaluating the Effects of Epistemic Location in Advocatory Literary Journalism’. Journalism October 31 (2014): 1-16.

'Not My People: The epistemological complexities of knowing and representing other cultures in literary journalism’. Journalism Studies 15.6 (2014): 774–788.

'"Knowing Well" in the Classroom: Epistemic Challenges and Competencies'. TEACH Journal of Christian Education: 8.1 (2014): 6-11.

Conference Papers:

"Re-reading Code: Representation, Verification, and a Case of Epistemic (Ir)responsibility"
Greenberg Prize for Best Research Paper | International Association for Literary Journalism Studies | May 2015

"Keys to the Kingdom: Post-apocalyptic scenarios in YA fiction"
Australasian Children’s Literature Association for Research | June–July 2014

"Show and Tell: Narrative Multimedia Storytelling as New(ish) Literary Journalism?"
International Association for Literary Journalism Studies | May 2014

"The ‘Female Factor’ in Contemporary Australian Literary Journalism"
8th Australian Media Traditions Conference | November 2013

"Epistemic Community and the Australian Literary Journalist"
International Association for Literary Journalism Studies | May 2013

Critical Reviews:

'Discovering a New Voice: "Into the Woods: The Battle for Tasmania’s Forests" by Anna Krien'. Literary Journalism Studies 4.1 Spring (2012): 127-130

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