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Dr Lillian Kent

Faculty: Faculty of Arts, Nursing and Theology
Position: Data Analyst
Location: Lake Macquarie
Mobile: 0431 111 098

Qualifications: PhD; M.Appl.Epi; MPH; RPHNutr; FASLM
Research: Research Interests: public health nutrition; the impact of nutrition on chronic disease; the impact of other lifestyle factors, such as physical activity, stress, sleep, emotional state etc on chronic disease. Her major research interest is in lifestyle interventions to target chronic disease, both in developed and developing countries.

Research Funding: As lead researcher on a modified version of the CHIP adapted for delivery to developing countries, funding in excess of $100,000 has been provided by ADRA to date.
About: Dr Lillian Kent has worked in a range of settings from Microbiologist for Government and Private Laboratories; Account Manager for Roche Diagnostics; Health Director of the Trans Pacific Union Mission; Researcher for the Victorian Department of Education; Epidemiology Registrar for the Victorian Department of Health; Primary Researcher in the Lifestyle Research Centre and Lecturer in Lifestyle Medicine.

She has a degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry from the University of Melbourne. Her PhD was in the area of Nutritional Epidemiology and her Masters in Public Health focused on Nutrition; both from Deakin University. The Masters in Applied Epidemiology was obtained from the Australian National University.

Her teaching in the Lifestyle Medicine degree includes the units Food as Medicine; Determinants of Chronic Disease; Pathophysiology of Chronic Disease and Lifestyle Medicine for Specific Populations.
Select Publications: Lillian has in excess of 25 publications in peer-reviewed journals ranging from chronic disease epidemiology and infectious disease epidemiology, with the majority of these related to the Complete Health Imrpovement Program (CHIP).

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