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Mrs Zorana Wong

School: School of Nursing
Position: Lecturer
Location: Sydney Campus
Phone: (02) 9480 3615
Extension: #615
Fax: (02) 9473 8042
Qualifications: RN DipAppSc(Nursing) BAppSc(Advanced Nursing) MA(Education) MACN
Research: Research interests include simulation based education and learning environments. Zorana has also explored psychological distress, eustress and coping in undergraduate nursing students.
About: Zorana has clinical experience in various areas of medical, surgical and critical care nursing. Her education experience is in teaching undergraduate students in a range of subjects including cardiac, respiratory and critical care/high dependency nursing. Her educational interests are in simulated learning environments, clinical skills development and clinical application.
Zorana is also involved with community health assessment programmes and community health presentations on cardiovascular health.
Teaching Units: Australian Society and Health, Applied Nursing Practice units 1 - 4, Advanced Nursing Practice and High Dependency Nursing.
Other responsibilities: Coordinator Clinical Skills Laboratory (Sydney campus).
Select Publications: Mitchell, B.G., Williams, A. & Wong, Z.K. (2017) Assessing the functionality of temporary isolation rooms. American Journal of Infection Control. 45 (11),1231-1237
Mitchell, B.G., Williams, A., Wong, Z.K. & O’Connor, J. (2017) Assessing a temporary isolation room from an infection control perspective: A discussion paper. Infection, Disease & Health. 22 (3), 129-135.

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