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Mrs Linda Cloete

School: School of Nursing
Position: Lecturer
Location: Sydney and Lake Macquarie Campus
Phone: (02) 9480 3643
Extension: #643
Qualifications: BSc Nursing (Witwatersrand); RN (NMB NSW); MA Nursing (Witwatersrand); Cert IV workplace assessment and training
Research: Factors affecting the education of clients attending a cardiac rehabilitation centre, whether or not the severe left ventricular dysfunction is a contra-indication to exercise cardiac rehabilitation programmes, meaningful education, compliance and a holistic approach in effective cardiac rehabilitation.
Currently undertaking a PhD investigating the effectiveness and cost benefit of a lifestyle programme in the reversal of symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
About: Linda is a naturalized Australian having spent most of her life in South Africa where she was schooled and received a tertiary education. She has worked in a number of South African hospitals with experience in cardiac, general and neonatal ICU and midwifery. Linda has experience in community nursing at a cardiac rehabilitation unit as well as lecturing both in a nursing and secondary teaching degree on a part time basis. Since coming to Australia Linda spent the first five years working as a registered nurse at Sydney Adventist hospital. She then joined Avondale College as a lecturer in the discipline of Nursing in 2010. In addition to her lecturing responsibilities she continues to maintain her clinical skills through part-time work at the SAN and is involved in a number of community lifestyle education projects. On a professional level she also actively participates on committees of professional associations. Her current specializations include clinical nursing practice, simulation training, wound management, prevention and management of lifestyle diseases, particularly cardiovascular disease and diabetes. She is married with two adult children and enjoys outdoor and community engagement activities, exercise, photography and birding.
Select Publications: Cloete, L, (1998). How to take a good ECG. Professional Nursing Today 2(1), 24-25.
Digenio, A.G., Cantor, A., Noakes, T.D., Cloete L., Mavunda D., Esser, J.D. (1996). Is severe left ventricular dysfunction a contraindication to exercise in cardiac rehabilitation programmes? South African Medical Journal 86(9),1106-9.
Smedley, A., Crawford, T., & Cloete, L. (2015). An intervention aimed at reducing plagiarism in undergraduate nursing students. Nurse Education in Practice, 15(3), 168-173. doi:10.1016/j.nepr.2014.12.003
Cloete, L. (2015). Reducing medication errors in nursing practice. Nursing Standard, 29(20), 50-59. doi:10.7748/ns.29.20.50.e9507
Mitchell, B. G., Say, R., Wells, A., Wilson, F., Cloete, L., & Matheson, L. (2014). Australian graduating nurses’ knowledge, intentions and beliefs on infection prevention and control: A cross-sectional study. BMC Nursing, 13(43), 1-7. doi:10.1186/s12912-014-0043-9

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