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Dr John Skrzypaszek

School: School of Ministry and Theology
Position: Lecturer
Division: Ellen G White Seventh-day Adventist Research Centre
Position: Director Ellen G White/SDA Research Centre
Location: Library
Phone: (02) 4980 2138
Extension: #138
Fax: (02) 49802137
Qualifications: BA (Avondale); MA (Avondale); DMin (ACT)
Research: Heritage, culture, spirituality, identity
About: John Skrzypaszek’s vision is to develop confidence in God’s prophetic gift and the ministry of Ellen G White through teaching, preaching, scholarly research, effective administration and personal example. In the context of Adventist history, John's research explores the dynamics of heritage, culture, spirituality and identity with a specific focus of its relevance and application to life in the 21st century. John is the director of the Ellen G White/Seventh-Day Adventist Research Centre that is based at Avondale College. The centre promotes an accurate understanding of the history of the Seventh-day Adventist church with a specific focus on the role and mission of Ellen G White.

He has a wide experience in pastoral leadership, both in South Queensland and North NSW Conferences. For number of years, he was involved in public evangelism ministry conducting meetings in Australia and in Europe.

John is also a lecturer in the School of Ministry and Theology, who is passionate about helping others discover their God-given uniqueness and God's leading in the Adventist Church.
Select Publications: Skrzypaszek, John, "John Harvey Kellogg's Concept of the Godhead" (2014). Theology Book Chapters. Paper 37.

Skrzypaszek, John, "Cultural Heritage: Transformational and Inspiriational Framework for Future Education" (2014). Theology Conference Papers. Paper 4.

Skrzypaszek, John, "The Significance of the Place-Historical Narratives in the Context of Spatial Perspective" (2013). Theology Conference Papers. Paper 2.

For a list of publications, visit John Skrzypaszek publications

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